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September 18, 2019

Presale for the 25th Brutal Assault anniversary

Here we go! We’ve just opened the presale for the 25th Brutal Assault anniversary! 13 years in we are gonna stay in the marvelous Josefov fortress and the festival will take place between 5th and 9th August 2020. You can look forward for 130+ artists from all around the globe, bringing out to you the

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Extinction returns with renewed line-up and the new upcoming album

A few years after their last acclaimed album, the historical thrash death metal band Extinction return to the scene with the renewed line-up and the new upcoming album The Apocalypse Mark. The album has been recorded at Davide Billia’s Mk2 Studio (Anthropofagus, Beheaded) and will be released via Revalve Records in October 18th. Extinction is a thrash death metal band formed in 1995,

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MEGADETH Bandmates DAVID ELLEFSON And CHRIS POLAND Reunite On Stage In Fullerton (Video)

MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson reunited with former MEGADETH guitarist Chris Poland to perform the band’s classic songs “The Conjuring” and “Peace Sells” (with former ANTHRAX and current ARMORED SAINT singer John Bush on vocals) on September 5 at Slidebar in Fullerton, California. Video footage of the performance can be seen below (courtesy of YouTube user

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Eigenstate Zero to release debut album “Sensory Deception” on November 1st / first Single released

Swedish Death metal project Eigenstate Zero sets November 1st, 2019 as an international release date for their first full-length album “Sensory Deception”. Meantime the first Single “Fringe” is released, enjoy: Bandcamp – https://eigenstatezero.com/track/fringe Youtube – The second single “Comatorium” will be released October 4th. The running time is some 75 minutes divided over 13 tunes. Written and recorded in a

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To Bathe From The Throat Of Cowardice – VITRIOL

Here we go again, then. Yet another absolutely face-smashing death metal record that adds fuel to the notion that the genre is experiencing another golden era. VITRIOL are from Portland, Oregon, a city known for its open-minded approach to heaviness and extremity. Whether the locals are ready for this insane onslaught is another matter, because

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Interview Nemesis Alpha

Hi! Give a brief history of the band, music style, and the members. We are called Nemesis Alpha and we are primarily a studio project/band. Band members include me, Rudy Leal, Joseph Church, Marcos Leal (Shattered Sun, Ill Nino) and Bjorn “Speed” Strid (Soilwork, The Night Flight Orchestra). It started as a one-man band/solo project

Interview with Carlo of Sliptrick Records

Hello! Please introduce yourself. Carlo here, part of Sliptrick Records since 2007. I got in with a management position, then acquired shares after a few years and now handling the operation as CEO. When did you start with Sliptrick records? And why you decide to create your own label? It all begun in 2007, I

Interview Swan Valley Heights

Hi, Swan Valley Heights. “The Heavy Seed” will be released on September. You must be excited? Very much so, dear sir. Been waiting for this baby to see the light and now we’re looking forward to all the joy and problems that come along with parenthood. First of all, we would like to know about

Interview Sick Sad World

Good day Sick Sad World! How are you guys doing these days? Hi all! Things are not bad at all. We’re being interviewed just after the Hellfest weekend (the festival takes place 30 minutes from our hometown) so we are obviously in great moods after seeing numerous excellent concerts. For the group things are going

Interview Kaosis

Hi, give a brief history of Kaosis, music style, and the members. Kaosis formed in 2017 when Xen saw the synergy between metal and dubstep forms of music. The band was formed to bring live instrumentation back to electronic DJ festival scene while re-introducing heavy metal to the youth. Kaosis plays a mashup of Dubstep,

Interview Loki Lonestar

Hi Loki Lonestar! Tell me about your project. What kind of ideas do you explore? HellowwwwW !! As you know I am an Alien & I explore Earth, I try to understand how it works in here & succeed in my mission: HELP Human being fight to get better everyday… “Ambition” was released recently. How

Interview DEVA OBIDA

All the answers are mainly given by Artem Bachturin unless otherwise specified. Hi! Tell me about DEVA OBIDA. Why did you decide to name the band with such title? What kind of ideas do you explore? Heya! Back in 1998 we started the band, in the Northwest of Russia, in Murmansk. Being influenced by formations,

Interview Alcotopia

Hi, Alcotopia. Greetings from Sick and Destroy team. What are you up to these days? Keeping a good balance of rehearsing, writing new music, promoting the album and getting hammered as always. Would you please introduce your band to our readers who are not aware of your band and music? It’s a hard hitting meteor

Interview Nikki Wozzo

Good day Nikki Wozzo! Give a brief history of your project, music style, and the members. Well, The Bad Whiskey is my solo band based out of Los Angeles, CA. We started in 2018, but really it was a moving project in early 2015. This band does Country Rock, with attitude and power! The members

Interview Uburen

Hi! Please introduce Uburen to the readers. Hi, we’re Uburen a 3 piece True Norwegian Black Metal band for the west coast of Norway. formed in 2010 as a branching off from other projects. the line-up consists of Ask Kjetilson – Guitar And Vocals, Bior Kjetilson – Bass and Vocals, Thord Olavson – Drums and

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