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December 16, 2018


Tethra “Like Crows For The Earth”

Italian Progressive Doom masters TETHRA Release Official Video For ‘Like Crows For The Earth’ Tethra – Like Crows For The Earth [Official Video] Taken from the album: Like Crows For The Earth | Sliptrick Records | 2017 Italian Progressive Doom masters, Tethra, have released the official video for the title track from the album Like Crows For The

Interview Tethra

Hail, welcome to Sick And Destroy. Before we start the interview, I would like you to introduce yourself to our readers. To begin with where are you from and a brief history about your band? Hi, I’m Clode, singer of Tethra. The band was formed in 2008 in North Italy and since that time we have

Doom/Death metal band TETHRA sings with Sliptrick records

Doom/Death metal band TETHRA sings with Sliptrick records Blending gloomy Doom Metal, raging Death Metal and melodic early 90’s Gothic Metal tinged vocals, Tethra will be the last nail on your cross! Death-oriented guitar riffs, melodic hooks, subtle bass lines mix with charismatic vocals courtesy of the versatile frontman Clode, who switches from deep growling to pristine-clean vocals