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December 16, 2018



Hi! Give a brief history of BLACK LIGHT, music style, and the members. Of course! So, Black Light is a Metalcore band from Ferrara, Italy, which started from an idea by brothers Nicholas Casarin (guitar) and Mattia Casarin (drums). The band had many line-up changes, till I, Lou Oddon, became the official band singer in

BLACK LIGHT Release New Single ‘Map Of Truth’

Map Of Truth is the debut single of Italian Metalcore band Black Light. It’s will be included in their upcoming EP Set Yourself Ablazedue for release via Sliptrick Records toward the end of summer 2018. The song is a powerful, rhythmic Metalcore piece, while the lyrics talks social topics in a disillusioned and Utopian way. Map Of Truth was

BLACK LIGHT Join Sliptrick Records

Black Light (IT) Metalcore Black Light is a Metalcore band from Ferrara, Italy. The project started in 2012, when two brothers, Nicholas Casarin (guitar) and Mattia Casarin (drums) who shared the same passion for music, began to create the core of the groups sound. After various changes, singer Lou Oddon, decided to quit his home country of