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June 5, 2020

Interview Quiescency

Hi! Please introduce Quiescency to the readers.

Hello! We are a technical metalcore project Quiescency from the Kyshtym city, which is located in the Ural part of Russia! Dmitry, founder, ideological inspirer and project guitarist, as well as Evgeny, drummer and our PR manager, are here!

The album “Message for Lamb” is a record whose main theme is the condemnation of the vices of the political life of modern countries. The first and the last track of album are those, which leitmotif is the theme of death. The album was created over two years, during which time we found our signature sound and decided on the theme of the future album.

How is it easy to live and survive in Russia? Is there strong metal scene or just attempts to have some strong scene? What the future do you see with no global internet? I have heard about “ceburnet” (sorry for my typo) to be launched in your country.

(Dmitry and Evgeny) How can we tell you: in our country there is virtually no middle class, 7th part of the population lives below the poverty line, the average salary in the regions is about 25 000 rubles (400 dollars). Purchasing capabilities are 2-3 times lower than purchasing capabilities of average European or American. Most depressing are terrible infrastructure and virtually no freedom of speech. The Internet is our only source of truth and information.
We believe that without a global network there is no future in the modern world. Without the Internet, it is impossible to build relationships with the rest of the world.
Our project “Queiscency” is would not exist if we had no Internet. Every relatively civilized country has its own local Internet, and we don’t see anything bad in it, in the case
if there is always the opportunity to use the global network.
Yes, indeed, there are rumors about the imminent isolation of Runet, but we hope that this will remain rumors.

When did you start writing music – and what or who were your early passions and influences?

(Dmitry) -Inspiration for me is always the events of the past and present. It is enough to recall the recent events with the “accession” of Crimea, and the subsequent waves of sanctions, in order to feel the oppressive atmosphere that our texts express.

What are your main impulses to write metal music?

(Dmitry) – Desire for self-expression, to leave behind a small but personal contribution to the world of music. The joy when the work is done and when yo can see the result of your activity.

What do you personally consider to be the incisive moments and pieces in your musical work?

(Dmitry) – If I understood you correctly, then our texts are definitely those pieces – continuous lunges and barbs.

How would you describe and rate the music scene of the city you are currently living in?

(Evgeny) – Speaking about our Kyshtym city, such musicas metal is simply absent here. All metal projects that exist in our city are concentrated in the hands of literally 5-6 people, each of whom is a member of several projects. Dmitry Ustinov (creator and guitarist of Quiescency, Decomposition of Entrails guitars), Egor Krotov (guitars in Quiescency, former Decomposition of Entrails member, Autopsy Malice, ADA), Evgeny “Pirate” Sokolov (drums and promos in Quiescency, ADA, Decomposition of Entrails, Autopsy Malice, session drummer in Disfigurment of Flesh, also the owner of Rumf label, which publishes all of these projects), Kirill Nazarov (vocals in DoE, DoF, AM and co-owner of RumF label).
The only studio that can hold rehearsals is the studio of this label.
Speaking about the Russian metal scene, Russian metal is not in the strongest position, there are worthy teams that have reached certain heights, but perhaps this is due to the
fact that these groups borrow experience from foreign musicians in matters of promotion. One can distinguish such modern groups as Slaughter to Prevail, Second to Sun, Amatory, Arkona, Biopsychosis, Shokran.
Speaking about the issue of holding concerts, well-known world-class bands regularly perform here.

When it comes to be musician, what are your criteria for quality? What are currently your main challenges and ambitions as a musician?

(Dmitry) – I am firmly convinced that first of all you need to sincerely love music, live it, give yourself completely. This is the most important condition. Next, I note the theoretical and technical knowledge, it’s impossible to create a worthwhile work without corny understanding what exactly you are doing. At the moment, I am constantly studying, looking for new knowledge, which will allow me to write even more worthн compositions. Improving myself as a musician, in a word.

What do you usually start with when working on a new song or lyrics?

(Dmitry) – I listen to music and note interesting moments for myself, think over history and concept, it’s easier to write, knowing what you are writing about.

Tell us a bit about the selection process for deciding on what to write about, please. What sources will you draw from for research purposes and how much time goes into research, gathering altogether in general?

(Dmitry) – As I noted before, books, high-profile events in the world and articles on the Internet are the primary source for storytelling. The world around us is a source of constant events, any topic can be found. Again today you want to write about one thing, and tomorrow, we’re talking about something completely different, something that previously didn’t bother you, today we are talking about injustice and inequality, tomorrow we will write about the sobering up of the soul, and later we can write about the events of the past. Who knows.

As more and more people are producing and releasing music, there has been an exponential growth in promotion agencies. What’s your perspective on the promo system? In how far do you feel it is possibly undermining musical freedom?

(Evgeny) – The problem is not in increasing the number of groups and PR agencies, but the reason is too easy access to free music. Free music devalues ?? music, the listener simply does not have time to listen and remember one thing, as he switches to the next. This is an actual issue.

Metal scene have changed significantly over the past century. What, do you feel, could – or should – be new forms and formats for music? And, should we save old-school spirit or just go forward together with musical ‘evolution’ (‘degradation’)?

(Dmitry and Evgeny) – Firstly, it’s obvious that we need to look for a middle ground between our musical heritage,
and constant experimentation. Secondly, the problem of mentality: metal fans began to go to concerts of local groups less, preferring only “mastodons” of metal to them,
thereby taking away the stimulus from young talented groups.

Music-sharing sites and blogs as well as a flood of releases in general are killing music. What’s your view on this topic?

(Dmitry and Evgeny) – Nowadays, of course, it is very difficult to surprise a modern listener. The abundance of releases, as well as their availability, coupled with a lack of time, make the listener give preference and well-known groups. Thus, often, even very good releases do not reach to the target audience.

Please recommend two bands to our readers which you feel deserve their attention.

– Second to Sun – Groove black metal with Finno-Ugric themes. Shokran – progressive djent metal with oriental roots. We are highly recommend to listen to them!

What are your plans for near future?

– Take a quality album promotion, build a fan base and shoot a clip.

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