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May 25, 2020

Interview Bagira

° Hi! Give a brief history of Bagira, music style, and the members.
Bagira is a Russian groove metal band from Kazan, Tatarstan, formed in 2011 by me (Alla Bulgakova) and guitarist Alexander Shadrov. Bagira’s current line-up consists of vocalist Alla Bulgakova, guitarists Alexandr Shadrov and Gleb Vodennikov, bassist Rival Zakirov and drummer Bulat Sadreev.

° Give in more detail, some information about “From Russia With Groove” and how well it sells?
“From Russia with Groove” is our debut English-language release, which contains English-language versions of two of our songs, which has been previously released on Russian. We were surprised by the reaction for this EP. Russian listeners and reviewers gave high marks to it and we gave new Russian fans. Some English-speaking listeners tell us that it’s great to understand what does the song about, and they like our new sound creating by Alexander Shadrov. But however they like Russian language as more interesting for them.

° Bagira has signed with no label, tell more about that?
We have three albums released by Labels (CD-Maximum for our first album and Fono LTD for 2nd and 3rd) and now we prefer singles and EP as independent digital releases. It has been made possible with support from our fans and because of own record studio. Maybe later, with the new album we’ll get back to work with labels

° What is the difference between your latest and the very first records?
Wow, good question. We were originally played songs like classic heavy metal with melodious vocals, so the very first record was like Russian heavy metal, with no emotions (for my own opinion), not interesting like new songs. We didn’t use extreme elements in vocals and in music, we did not think so many about specific Sound (and arranging and producing) as now. We did it easy and the result was appropriate. We’ve spent a bit of time on song’s creating and recording now. It was difficult to work on this songs. There were times when I thought like this – ‘Do we really need to go forward with all this?’. But this release is awesome for me, so it was worth it.

° What inspires Bagira music and lyric writing? What does Bagira lyrics talk about?
Life, people around us, the music we’re listening to… The main theme of our lyrics is what we feel and what we hate. Whisper, one of our last song, for example, is about the darkest time in my life when I lost my mother, and about my emotions after that. Several of our songs based on social problems here, in Russia, and each person’s problems

° Do you play live often? Do you like abroad gigs?
We love creating and recording process more than live shows, but there are many interesting moments on tour, so we love it too and we do it. Our shows was only in Russia cause «From Russia With Groove» is our first English-language release and we didn’t oriented for foreign listeners before

° How often do the band practice and work on new material?
A few times a week

° How did the band come up with the name Bagira and tell what does it mean for you?
Alexander Shadrov. Bagira formed from ‘Bagheera’ – fictional character, black panther in Kipling’s Jungle Book. First of all it’s a noble and wise animal. In Russian it sounds like ‘Gojira’ and however means ‘Pantera’. We have fun by this facts.

° What does the band plan on doing in near time?
Working on new album

° Any message to Sick and Destroy readers?
Have a great day and listen to Bagira 🙂

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