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May 25, 2020

Interview SARPEDON

Give a brief history of SARPEDON, music style, and the members.

Sarpedon started up back in 2005. We have released 2 demos. The debut album Anomic nation came out in 2014. We have had a lot of line-up changes since we started, but now I believe we have the perfect line up. I am currently the only original member of the band. I have been an active musician for over 20 years, mostly focusing on extreme metal. I have done live session Drums on tours for Abyssic and Isvind as well as being a previous member of Troll. I am currently involved in other bands as well Astartoth, Dødsfall, Elvarhøi, Kvalvaag and Omnia Moritur. Goran (Vocalist) was and still is a member of 220 Volt, Majestic Dimension, Twinspirits and Silent Call. Jimmy (Bass) played with me previously in a black metal band that we both left. Jimmy now also plays in a band called Sun-Tzu. Daniel (Keys) is a member of Skrømt. Martin (Rhythm guitar) is also a member of the folk rock/metal band

Elvarhøi. Alekos (Lead guitar) has not been in any significant bands before or has any other band or projects at the moment. We categorize our music as progressive metal, mixing extreme metal with melodic vocals and guitar harmonies.

Give in more detail, some information about “Before The Nightingale Sings”?

We started working on what became “Before The Nightingale Sings” back in 2015, but due to several members quitting the group at various times it took quite some time to find the right people to join the band. We also had to redo half of the solo on the album, as well as having to waste 3 months on waiting for the producer to mix the album. This is our second album to date. I feel that the new album is the next step in evolving our sound and a natural progression from the first album, still keeping it progressive and heavy as well as having a lot of melodic parts.

SARPEDON has signed with no label, tell more about that?

We were looking for a new label for a short while and we got some offers. But we were basically offered contracts where we have to pay for everything, and they keep the rights for our music while our album collects dust as some storage space. So, we decided it was a better idea to hire Grand Sounds Production to help us with promoting the release of the album.

What is the difference between your latest and the very first records?

I would say that we have developed our sound quite a bit since the first album. There was more of a power metal vibe on the first album. There is a lot more power in Gøran’s vocals, so this has changed the sound quite a bit as well as we are better musicians since the first album, and I think this comes through in the music.

What inspires SARPEDON music and lyric writing? What does SARPEDON lyric talk about?

What inspires us the most is creating progressive metal in our own unique way. We all come from quite different musical backgrounds and none of us really listen to a lot of progressive metal in our spare time, so I think this makes us a bit different. The lyrics were mostly done by our previous guitarist Torgeir, so I don’t have a very personal connection to the lyrics on this album. There are different themes for the songs, but it has a lot to do with mental problems as well as the difficulties in relationships.

Do you play live often? Do you like abroad gigs?

No, we haven’t played live since 2015, but we will start doing gigs again in 2020. We have never played outside of Norway with Sarpedon.

How often do the band practice and work on new material?

We practice every week. We are currently working on making a live set so we can start doing gigs again. We are going to start writing new songs in December with the new line up for our 3rd album.

How did the band come up with the name SARPEDON and tell what does it mean for you?

It was our previous guitar player (Torgeir) that came up with the name for the band. It is the name of one of Zeus’s sons from Greek mythology as well as being the name of a butterfly.

Any message to Sick and Destroy readers?

Please check out our music and buy the album if you like what you hear and come see us play live if you have the chance.

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