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May 27, 2020

SULLY ERNA Hopes GODSMACK Will Headline European Festivals By 2020 Or 2021

In a recent interview with France’s United Rock Nations, GODSMACK frontman Sully Erna talked about the band’s touring life, particularly as it relates to perfoming on the European continent. He said (see video below): “It’s great. The band’s doing great. We went through a lot of problems in the past, but we’re over that now. And we’ve really found our brotherhood again. People are healthy and happy and taking care of ourselves and writing better music than we ever have. The audience is growing.”

He continued: “We’re out here doing our work in Europe. We know that we’re a little behind, because we had some problems in the past with our record label, and then whenever we tried to come here, we would run into bad luck. We had a tour booked last fall, and then our guitar player’s son passed away. It just seems like it’s always against us trying to get here. But we made a commitment that no matter what, we’re not gonna complain; we’re just gonna come here and do the work, play the smaller venues, go on a little earlier at festivals. But I promise you that we are coming back over and over again, and by next year, if not 2021, you’re gonna see us headlining these festivals, if not going on very close to the last band.”

Erna went on to say that GODSMACK is “trying to get away” from performing in clubs in Europe. “We’re trying to make it so we can at least do what we do in America anywhere in the world,” he explained. “That’s the goal for Europe. France, Spain, U.K., anywhere in Europe, we wanna be able to get to a level where we can bring our production and show the European audiences what we do for real, on a big stage with our production. That’s the goal. And if that means we have to take some smaller steps to get there, then that’s the work we’re committed to doing. It’s all part of the plan, and I know we’re coming back in March to do another European tour and headlining.”

GODSMACK is continuing to tour in support of its seventh studio album, “When Legends Rise”, which came out in April of 2018. The band recently announced a fall American tour with HALESTORM, which kicks off September 20 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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