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June 27, 2019

Interview Clegane

Answered by KooTôh (guitar, back vocals)

Hi, give a brief history of Clegane, music style, and the members.

We are a three piece band set up in 2015. Rudy (Drums)  and I were old friends from former metal bands and wanted to jam again. Doom was our thing, heavy modern stuff like Mammoth Storm. I fell so into the scene and brought Rudy with me, all the way down. We craved to dig out all of what we could from that style and wanted to be part of it as well. We found Lorenzo (Bass, vocals) along the way, through internet and he has more grungy influences, even if he’s the youngest ! Anyway, he travelled a lot and played all kinds of styles, so his curiosity was a good starter. The first time we tried it out was a surprise. He wasn’t what we were expecting, yet it sounded so good that we all blended in this mix of our styles, right away !

Give in more detail, some information about split w/ Father Merrin and how well it sells?

Rudy and I know Father Merrin even before we started Clegane. We met at a mini fest of everything but Doom. We happened to have the same way of seeing things, a same weird sens of humour and these guys are so friendly that you can’t refuse to share a beer with them !When, we started out Clegane, we immediately shared gigs together, in both our hometowns and around.Naturally, we spoke of sharing a record. Because our sounds weren’t exacly the same type we thought it would be a wonderful journey across the shades of Doom.
We all can agree, that actually making the split did not go easy, since recording followed each bands pace, then we discussed a lot about the visual art, whether to give a title or not… We even had small problems with the pressing. Adding that we are 200km from one another. A year all in all !
But in the end, against all odds, we are more than happy with the result and grateful of the process.Since the vinyl is only out since a month, it’s still hard to say how well it sells. But it went off as soon as the very first day of release !

Clegane has signed with Sleeping Church records / Almost Famous, tell more about that? Is it long-term contract or just one split release deal?

Almost Famous has been our first label but quickly Fauchage Collectif kindly took us under it’s protection. Then Sleeping Church came along naturally as Father Merrin’s label. So that last partnership happened for the split. We do not have any long term vision with Sleeping Church yet. The other ones are supposed to be our root labels. But they are all very friendly and extremly helpful. We are more than honored about that. So we would be glad to continue any partnership they’d want with Clegane.

What is the difference between your latest and the very first records?

We are finding our identity. First pieces were chaotic and we threw in all kinds of stuff we liked. We didn’t even release most of that goo ! This is the third production we put out and we are starting to find a good balance. Even though we can’t help spinning off now and then !

What inspires Clegane music and lyric writing? What does Clegane lyrics talk about?

That’s Lorenzo’s part. Most of the time it’s like pieces of dreams or unfinished stories; dialogues without answers or lost thoughts. Themes are a mix of solitude, misery and death. But you can never really know if it’s statement, reflection of others or pure introspection. I tend to believe that Lorenzo’s words are a true part of him and a gloomy gift he offers to one that listens. So you could say the lyrics are mysterious, desperate and lifting at once.

Do you play live often? Do you like abroad gigs?

We played more than expected, but never enough ! We love stage and communion with people ! We didn’t have the chance yet to play abroad and would love it ! 

How often does the band practice and work on new material?

We’re always working on new stuff ! As a matter of fact we are already planning a new record for 2019 ! Each rehearsal (once or twice a week) we jam a bit, or I’d come up with some riffs and we start putting up new songs. Lorenzo gets bored quickly and likes regular new sounds !

How did the band come up with the name Clegane and tell what does it means for you?

As you can guess, it comes from “Game of Thrones” . I happen to be a big fan of the character Sandor Clegane. His story, his temper and his half burnt face are literally an ode to Doom ! I could hear the music as I followed his story ! So the name was obvious to me.

What does the band plan on doing in near time?

4 to 6 new songs next year for a new record and touring a lot ! We’ll just have to be patient until summer since Lorenzo’s changing career plans and Rudy is recovering from a wrist injury. But we keep on dooming !  We might even have a special guest… but that’s still a secret !

Any message to Sick and Destroy readers?

Yeah ! Thanks for listening to us, we hope you enjoy it. Thanks for having this curiosity that pushes you to discover new bands and help the scene grow.  Keep going, your support means the world !

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