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May 22, 2019

Interview Ancient Oak Consort

Hail, welcome to Sick And Destroy. Before we start the interview, I would like you to introduce yourself to our readers. To begin with where are you from and a brief history about your band?

Ciao, I’m from Italy, Sicily in particoular. My band was born in 1995. We recorded two albums before “Hate War Love”: 1. Ancient Oak (1997); “The Acoustic Resonance  of the Soul” (2006).

I love to think an album like a film and the Music like a Soundtrack. I love acoustic sound with classic guitar, violin, viola, cello and other…. because i love chamber music. I love the rithmic session of Progressive and Progressive metal.

Every musician of the band gives himself for the best of work.

How would you describe your music? And what bands have influenced you the most?

We are what we listened and what we studied so my music is like a soundtrack with Classic-Folk-Prog-Metal. I like: Fates Warning, Sieges Even. Old Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple.

How many and which albums/demos has Ancient Oak Consort released so far?

Ancient Oak Consort has released 3 album: 1. “Ancient Oak” (1997); 2. “The Acoustic Resonance of the Soul” (2006); 3. “Hate war Love” (2018).

Which ones happens to be your favourite songs? of Ancient Oak Consort and personal.

My favourite songs must give me feeling. In Hate War Love I love every song but “Ninna Nanna” and “Man fightinf for men” have something I love more…

Do you feel that Ancient Oak Consort’s music has changed over the years and how?

Ancient Oak Consort music has changed like myself. Looking for my soul, always.

I playng and record without many digital solutions and I hope my sound will be elegant, always.

How much time does it take for Ancient Oak Consort to record an album?

Between composing and record… one year.

Tell us something more about the latest album “Hate War Love”.

In Hate War Love we are in World War II and we describe sentiment. Sentiment of fear,of love, of hate, of uncertainty. The sound of this album is a mix of Prog with classic and electric instrument and a few of mediterranean folk music like “Barcarola” and “Ninna nanna”.  

Whats next? Working on any new album? If so, some details please.

I compose always but, before next album, I want to play this album in live show.

Any tours, gigs for promotion of latest album?

Actually no tour but 12th January 2019 there is “Hate War Love” showcase in Syracuse (Italy).

Any future plans for playing in Europe or USA?

Actually No. But I hope it.

Has Ancient Oak Consort done any opening acts for other major heavy weight bands? If yes, then when and where?


What do you feel about the Metal Scene there in your country?

In Italy there are very very few places to play metal and less in South of Italy. I hope this situation changes.

Any messages for the readers?

I hope they listen “Hate War Love” like a film or like a soundtrack. Grazie!!!!!