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August 22, 2019

Interview MUTANTER

Hi! Give a brief history of MUTANTER, music style, and the members.

Hi. Mutanter was formed by lead guitarist Arthur Meburnutov in 1991 and still Dmitro Komar since 1993- drums, also in band since 1994 Vitaly Medvedev – bass, Andriy Gordiyenko since 2016 as vocalist, in second part of 2018 there is a new one guitarist – Alexander Zbruev. The band, basically, orients on death metal with some melodic influences. But what is the specific style we have now, we can’t say concrete.

Give in more detail, some information about “The Limit” and how well it sells?

This is our debut album with a long-time period history. Some of songs from 90s, some from 00 and later.

MUTANTER has signed with Kernkraftritter Records, tell more about that?

When we planned to produce album, we considered a few variants and one of them was the Kernkrafritter. After contacted them, we agreed to release the album in this label.

What inspires MUTANTER music and lyric writing? What does MUTANTER lyrics talk about?

If literally, “The Limit” has idea that we as socium and as a species on the edge. The edge to extinction or resurrection. About all our vices, problems, a lie and an hypocrisy. The idea is a push to thinking

Do you play live often? Do you like abroad gigs?

Since this year we started our concert activity, there were several concerts

How often does the band practice and work on new material?

Each of us practices by ourselves, but also we several times a week play together.

How did the band come up with the name MUTANTER and tell what does it means for you?

It means for us that everything changes, every time, seconds and moments, evolves, becomes a little different, something new. Maybe those changes are good or not, but they happen every second

What does the band plan on doing in near time?

Currently we are working on a new album and planning our concerts.

Any message to Sick and Destroy readers?

Why not? Thanks for your attention at first. We hope that our artwork means something good for you and we hope that you can enjoy. Thank you all.