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May 22, 2019

Bardak released new single – I am Not Afraid to Speak @ Russian Rock band

Russian Rock group BARDAK have released new single, entitled “I am Not Afraid to Speak”. You can listen to the song right now here –

“I am Not Afraid to Speak” was officially released on August 21th, 2018.

Bardak is the Russian rock band combining heavy metal, rock’n’roll, reggae and other rock genres and touching questions belong to the social problems in their lyrics.

The debut EP ‘I Decided So’ saw the light in 2016. Year after Bardakentered the Russian Rokk Chart – Spring 2017 sharing it with such bands like Therion, Don Broco or Ministry and became a face of  the spring issue of the magazine “Bunker”.

August 2018 Bardak released #IamNotAfraidToTell (the single) to support wide action in the social nets against sexual violence in any form.

Bardak could win the hart of rock listeners due the sense of their Russian lirycs the main idea of which are freedom of choice of the way in the life of men.