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June 2, 2020

Full Album Stream: Demetra Sine Die – “Post Glacial Rebound”

Demetra Sine Die are an Italian group who’ve been around for the better part of two decades, releasing slow, psychedelic doom and post-metal while remaining largely underground. Their new album, Post Glacial Rebound, is a deep dive into psychedelia while also embracing the more extreme elements of Demetra Sine Die’s sound.

The band shine on songs like “Gravity,” which features swirling guitars and slow, methodical drumming while guitarist/vocalist Marco Paddeu emits pained shrieks before erupting into noisy, black metal-influenced passages. There’s a lot happening on Post Glacial Rebound and Demetra Sine Die clearly have an influences list a mile long, but it all comes together in a unique way that differentiates itself from its peers.

Post Glacial Rebound by DEMETRA SINE DIE

The album is now available for preorder here.

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