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December 12, 2018

Interview Greystone Canyon

Hi, Greystone Canyon. Greetings from Sick and Destroy team. What are you up to these days?

Thank you! and a BIG rock n roll greetings to the Sick and Destroy team. We are busy finishing a video clip to the track “In These Shoes”, which we hope to finish it this week.

Would you please introduce your band to our readers who are not aware of your band and music?

Greystone Canyon hail from Melbourne, Australia and we play a blend of hard rock and heavy metal with a strong emphasis on Fire, Feel and Tone. We try not to paint ourselves into a corner and limit our sound to one style or genre. You can hear influences as varied as Led Zeppelin to Megadeth in our music. We are a very “song” orientated band.

Give us a little insight into the formation of the band. When and how did it happen?

The band formed around two years ago. All the members were and are still playing in other bands and I reached out to these guys as our paths had crossed while playing local shows in our various bands and I really admired what these guys were doing as musicians and thought we could do something special and a little different together. At the time I was playing in a King Diamond / Mercyful Fate tribute band and we toured the country a few times which gave me the opportunity to see and play with a lot of other bands. The first time I saw Luke Wilson play drums he was playing with Nocturnal Graves and I was totally blown away. That was the point where I thought maybe I could do an original band and ask him to be a part of it. It just so happened that we were together on the flight home from the festival we had both played and I struck up a conversation with him, it all stemmed from there.

At what age did you guys start playing instruments? Since when are you into metal music?

We have all been playing music for many years and all grew up listening to rock and metal music. I think for most people it’s something you just don’t grow out of. It’s more a way of life than just a past time or interest.

Greystone Canyon recently released “While The Wheels Still Turn”. Tell us something about it. Walk us through all the tracks lyrics and meaning.

From the outset the goal was to make an album that musically covered a lot of ground. Similar to an early Ozzy Osbourne album where songs like “I Don’t Know” and “Goodbye to Romance” can sit comfortably together. We really made an effort to make an album that flowed from start to finish with some interludes setting the tone for what was to come next. It was also very important to have the meaning of the lyrics fit with the emotion of the music so that you can feel within the melodies what the words mean that was the aim anyway. The lyrics are varied and speak from both personal experience and my own virtues but are also left open to interpretation so they can mean different things to each listener. There’s both heavy subject matter and a little care free fun stuff on the album.

How has been the response so far by the listeners? Have you started working on new songs already?

The reviews for the album have been incredible. I mean we have been SO fortunate to have connected with the journalists that have reviews the album. We have received much praise and even a few perfect 10/10 scores. I mean that’s SO rewarding. We were happy with the end result for sure but to connect with others and receive positive feedback is great. We are currently demoing songs for the next album.

When and where did you play your first gig? How was the experience of going live for the first time?

Our album has only been out 2 months so we have yet to play out first gig. We all gig in other bands but for Greystone Canyon it was really important we made the best possible album we could and then we want to give it some time for people to get to know the band and the album and hopefully we can build a fan base and connect with an audience through the album so when we start playing live we can play to an audience that is into what we do.

What, according to you, is the secret behind band’s success?

I don’t know if you can call us a success this early stage of the game but the one thing I will say is we made an album for us. We didn’t concern ourselves with what was “hot” or what anyone else was doing. We just made an album that we wanted to make and didn’t cut any corners. We worked hard and if people can hear that when they listen to it than that in itself is success.

Ever had an epic fail moment during a gig?

Ha ha ha… Yes! I was playing session guitar for a band for 3 shows… one of them was supporting Carcass at a big venue in Melbourne. For the show we only had one back up guitar between myself and the other guitar player. The room was packed, a really big crowd. My E string broke in the first song. I ran across the stage to get the backup guitar and it didn’t have a strap on it. I went to plug my lead into it and the input jack on the guitar had come loose and the jack fell inside the guitar. The bass player also broke a string. The band had to stop. It was a disaster. Eventually the bass was restrung and the other supper band lent me a guitar, which was in a different tuning. From that point on I’ve always had a back up guitar on my side of the stage, always fresh strings. It was a valuable lesson learned.

If asked to differentiate Greystone Canyon from other bands in your country, how would you like to respond to it?

In terms of our sound I think we are different than other bands. Certainly different than any other bands I’ve come across. We’ve mixed up everything from 70’s classic rock with touches of blues and even folk with 80’s metal and even elements of speed metal. We’re paying tribute to all the music we love and that’s a LOT of music ha ha.

How compatible are band members with each other?

Extremely compatible. We work together really well and get along like we’ve known each other forever when in fact we didn’t know one another before the band started.

Which bands/ artists do you draw your influences from? Which are your favorite local bands?

Led Zeppelin, Megadeth, ZZ Top, Ozzy Osbourne, Thin Lizzy… all the classic rock and good heavy metal from the 70’s and 80’s mostly. There are some great local bands here in Australia covering many genres of rock and metal. Some of my favourites are: Nocturnal Graves, Desecrator, Hordes of the Black Cross and Chaingun.

How do you guys manage jobs and gigs? Also how often do you guys gathering altogether just to fun?

You have to make time for music and I seem to always be juggling work, music, life. I’m sure it’s the same for everyone who has a passion or personal interest. We get together to make music and hangout so it’s not unusual to have a rehearsal combined with beers and BBQ after we’re done practising.

Greystone Canyon is very promising formation. Talking of your future, 3 years from now, where do you see yourself?

3 years from now I’d like the band to have another 2 albums released and have played some good shows. Releasing quality music is my main focus as this is what you can leave behind. The thought that someone might listen to your music after you’ve left this world is very romantic notion to me. It’s your legacy, a lasting impression of who you are and what you achieved.

Well, that’s it. Thanks a lot for your time. Speak out to all your fans and supporters.

Thanks for the interview! I’d like to say a big thanks to Rockshots Records, Hellfire Records Australia and Asher Media for all the work they have a done. Also a HUGE thanks to Sham Hughes who is like the fifth member of the band and does SO much for us. To all your readers… love music and love life!