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December 12, 2018

Interview Kiara Laetitia / Rockstar Frame

Hi, Kiara Laetitia. Greetings from Sick and Destroy team. What are you up to these days?

KL: Hi to you and all the readers! We just shot the music video for the first single out of Rockstar Frame & Kiara Laetitia album “Bulletproof”. Creating this video has been a long process since I wrote the script and was assistant director as well but it came out really great, I can’t wait to share it! The video will be available from June 1st. Then we’re also working on something for the album release on June 15th… so a lot is going on in our world these days J

At what age did you start sing? Since when are you into metal music?

KL: I started when I was still a baby. My grandmothers understood right away that music was gonna have a big role in my life so they pushed me to take piano lessons, but I didn’t wanna perform, I was very shy. Funny enough I ended up being a singer and performing J I started taking vocal lessons later on, when I was about 18. A big influence in my love for music was my dad. We would listen to Van Halen, Europe, Stevie Wonder in the car. I started listening to metal later on, when I was 19 or something and fell in love with this genre. I do listen to classical music as well as pop, I like music in general, I couldn’t live without it, but rock and metal together with classic music is what speaks to my soul the most.

Kiara Laetitia recently announced cooperation with ROCKSTAR FRAME. Tell us something about it. Walk us through all the tracks lyrics and meaning of the coming album.

KL: I’ve always followed Rockstar Frame since its inception, as vocal coach to their previous singer back in 2014/2015, and a bit later I was their record label and also manager. I’ve known Max (Klein, drummer and founder) since 2013 and I’ve always believed in the songs and concept he had created. I’ve been on tour with Rockstar Frame as their manager in Italy, Eastern Europe, Russia etc., so I’ve always been like the 6th element and part of the family. For reasons too long to explain here, between the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017, Max found himself with no band. In short, the other members didn’t respect the contract and they were almost kicking Max out of his own band. Anyway, this was the scenario and Max at first asked me to become the new singer. I said no because of me being also the manager and not having enough time. So he started auditioning. After a while he told me that I was the most obvious choice for the band and that he wanted me (or something like that J)). After several months I said Yes.

Our album’s title is ‘Bulletproof’, a statement on the band overcoming many difficulties. The album opener ‘Luv Calamity’ is also the first single out of the album. It’s a song about the many disastrous relationships I entered in the past. It’s like for a certain time I found pleasure in being in relationships who were not the right fit for me. I think a lot of people can relate to this: having a partner with a big ego, selfish and narcissistic people who make you believe they do stuff for you while they do it only for themselves. The message in ‘Luv Calamity’ is that I’d rather be alone with my freedom than being in a relationship that makes me feel even lonelier.

‘Ready Goodbye’ is just an angry rock song haha, about games people play. The secret in life sometimes is saying Goodbye to all of this. I do believe in positive vibes and positive people now more than ever.

‘Human Starvation’ is about mental health and depression, feeling the lack of human warmth around us. It’s about feeling like the days go by and you’re doing nothing cause you can’t. It’s about thinking we need people to save us while the only one who can do it it’s ourselves. All the strength we need is inside ourselves. We might think we don’t have it but each one of us has so much strength it’s amazing. It’s a very introspective track and you must read between the lines to understand its full meaning.

‘Time Bomb’ is about empowerment.

‘Sirio’s Interlude’ is a beautiful instrumental track written by our keyboard player, Sirio. It’s a very intimistic symphonic track connecting a hard rock song with a ballad, the sixth track of the album, ‘Suicide’. ‘Suicide’ is very personal and talks about how I struggled with depression and how certain demons sometimes resurface.

‘French Madness’ deals with empowerment from a toxic relationship. Ehmm now that I think of it…even in this song (like ‘Ready Goodbye) I run away from it haha. It’s obvious at this point that I like running away J

‘Indestructible’ is about the duality between feeling indestructible, knowing your worth and all the voices inside us telling us we can’t do it, that we’re not enough.

‘Christmas Rape’ was written around Christmas time last year. It points the finger at the lost values in this society who celebrates Christmas just because it’s another holiday. I was raised Catholic but I developed into spirituality more than religion per se. Still I think that this world objectifies pretty much everything, including something supposedly (note, supposedly) spiritual like religion.

Every person carries multiple worlds inside and that’s what ‘Secret’ is about. The only lyrics I haven’t written on this album are the ones for ‘Secret’. This song has been composed in its entirety by Stevie Anders.

‘Tried’ is a slow tempo track and again another song about soul searching, fighting our inner demons and taking chances at life.

How has been the response about your activity so far by the listeners?

KL: With Rockstar Frame it’s a bit too soon to say. So far we received a few positive reviews about the album but the fans haven’t listened to it yet. I hope they’ll like it. If we talk about my activity as an artist in general, all I can say is that I’ve been pretty blessed. My last work as a singer is a solo EP that I released in 2013 and people still haven’t forgotten about me…it’s amazing and so humbling! Last week I reached 10k followers on Instagram and the family is growing bigger each day. Despite all the roadblocks and difficulties, I feel I’ve been really blessed and for this I must thank all the fans who never stopped following what I do. With Rockstar Frame I’m writing another chapter of my life and cannot wait to share it even more with everyone.

When and where did you play your first gig? How was the experience of going live for the first time?

KL: If I remember correctly, the first time I sang in front of a lot of people (something like 3k) was when I was around 18 years old at a singing contest. I had acted and danced in public before but I think that this one was my first experience singing with a crowd. I was shaking on stage! My body had an intense reaction and I could barely open my mouth. Looking back at it, it was pretty funny but man was I shaking!

What, according to you, is the secret behind band’s success?

KL: Oh wow! The million dollar question! As a performer and entrepreneur in the music business I’ve seen a lot of bands, both very known and less known or just starting out. There’s no recipe or one fits all kinda thing. I can say there are many factors involved. Probably the first is being professional. Most of the bands treat music like it’s a hobby and then complain if they don’t make it. Making it in any job (which to me is making a living out of it) requires hard work, being on time always, staying in the studio late until it gets perfect and not just Ok. Talent is not enough. We must always aim at excellence that has nothing to do with talent. Then, I’d say that dividing roles inside the band is important as well. There shouldn’t be room for Egos in a band, but rather everyone has to work towards a common goal. Sharing thoughts, even argue if necessary I think is important too. Like in a family, problems cannot be solved if its members don’t talk openly about issue. Having an open dialogue is fundamental to me.

Ever had an epic fail moment during a gig?

KL: Unfortunately I did! It was 2004 in Bresso, my first gig ever with Skylark. The first gig of the Italian tour before flying to Japan. Skylark went on stage and started playing. I entered the stage last, my mic was on the stand placed by the house sound engineer. I got in front of the mic, grabbed it and…. it was not connected to the cable!!!! My first reaction (don’t even know why) was to sing in the mic anyways hahahahaha. Then I had to bend down, get the cable from the floor and latch it while the band kept playing, lights were going crazy, crowd was staring at me and so one. It took me maybe less than a minute but felt like forever! I felt a mix of embarrassment and upset!

If asked to differentiate Kiara Laetitia from other vocalists in your country, how would you like to respond to it?

I think I’m pretty versatile. I’ve been told many times that I don’t sing with just one voice or range in an album, but that the colors of my voice are so diverse that it seems like there are more than four singers inside one album! I think what differentiated me from other singers not only in my home country but metal singers in general back when I started (2002), was that I didn’t sing opera style nor did I growl. I started out with power metal and there was no female singer singing with a clean or pop voice in power metal. It was something really different and not everyone liked it, but I took my chances and was myself.

Which bands/ artists do you draw your influences from? Which are your favorite local bands?

I’ve been inspired by many artists even though I think I never copied any of the artists I’ve been listening. I’m a huge Maiden, Metallica, Linkin Park and Evanescence fan. Each of these bands has many characteristics that I admire and have helped partially mold me into the artist I am today. The rest (like 50%) is all Kiara Laetitia J

How do you manage job and gigs?

Music is my life. Literally. I work in music 365 days a year. Other than being a vocalist, I run an independent rock and metal label, I manage bands, organize gigs and so forth. In addition to that I’m a digital entrepreneur and influencer on social media as well.

Talking of your future, 5 years from now, where do you see yourself?

As far as my career is concerned, I see myself involved in music. I’d also like to get more involved in the visual aspect of music, like directing and creating videos. I see myself with at least another album. I just started working on a secret project and I hope that 5 years from now it’ll be well developed and successful. As for myself, I hope my soul will continue to be restless enough to help me create more music, paintings, visual arts, scripts. I always feel the urge to create, move forward, learn and listen. It’s a restless and painful path, but that’s where creativity lies for me.

Well, that’s it. Thanks a lot for your time. Speak out to all your fans and supporters.

Thank you for taking the time to set out this interview.

To all the readers out there, thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it! Thanks to all of those who follow and support me, you’re amazing!!!

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