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November 15, 2018

Interview Widow’s Peak

Answered by guitarist Chris McCrimmon

Hi, Widow’s Peak. Greetings from Sick and Destroy team. What are you up to these days?

Hey there! We’re gearing up for our big album release show on Friday, April 27th, getting our new merch and stuff organized, and practicing our asses off.

Would you please introduce your band to our readers who are not aware of your band and music?

Well we’re a technical death metal band from Calgary, AB. We’re just about to release our debut 6-track EP, Graceless, and get our dinks dirty at Loud As Hell, Metallion, and Decimate festivals this summer. We don’t do backing tracks, click tracks, costumes, or gimmicks; just dirty, fast, death metal with lots of homoerotic tension.

Give us a little insight into the formation of the band. When and how did it happen?

Our bassist, Mike Jones, was begging for change on a freeway in April of 2016, when Patricio (Cereceda Paulsen, drums) took him in, taught him to read, and showed him the power of a man’s touch. When Mike built up the confidence, he began performing his burlesque routine at public libraries around Calgary. Matt Yeomans (vocals) and I (Chris McCrimmon, guitar) were there, scouting for new talent for our cabaret cam show, and we hit it off. Scott (Cressman, guitar, and vocals) was originally recruited as a fluffer, but quickly showed his true potential as a power bottom. We started group music lessons when the cam show got permabanned, and just took things from there.

At what age did you guys start playing instruments? Since when are you into metal music?

I’ve been playing for 10 years, and I think most of the guys have been playing for about that long. We’ve all liked metal since at least our early teens. I honestly don’t know shit about the other guys. We aren’t childhood friends or anything, we all met in 2016.

Widow’s Peak about to release “Graceless” (EP). Tell us something about it. Walk us through all the tracks lyrics and meaning.

Well Graceless is a bit of a mixed bag. Keen listeners will notice little pieces of different styles within the songs, ranging from old school death metal to slam to grindcore to melodic death.

  1. The album starts with Debt Collector, which is more or less a tale of demonic rapture. There’s no deeper, hidden meaning to the lyrics; just good old fashioned violent fun.


  1. Track 2 is CBT, which stands for Cock and Ball Torture. It’s an exploration of various torture-based fetishes, and involved an intensive studying period of disturbing photos, videos, and medical articles. Everything mentioned in this song is related to things we were able to find on the internet, and hopefully conveys a vivid enough image to really give you an idea of the horrible shit people do to their bodies.


  1. The third song is Overseer, which is based around alien invasion. This song is heavily grindcore inspired, and is a quick and to-the-point banger.


  1. Headless is up next, and is our tribute to old-school death metal. The lyrics are based around murder and necrophilia, and take various twists through slam, death metal, and melodeath, before ending on a short and sweet solo.


  1. Mother Misery isn’t directly about, but is heavily inspired, by the story of Ed Gein. The notion of trying to reanimate your own deceased mother to fulfil necro-incestuous fantasies seemed brutal enough to warrant its own song. This is one of the faster and more technical songs on the album, both instrumentally and vocally, and is a little more in-line with our tech death roots.


  1. The closing track is the title track, Graceless. Ironically, this is the most melodically-driven track on the album, featuring such rarities as: guitar harmonies, major chords, and playing in key! The ending solo is a high point for my guitar playing, as well. Lyrically, the song basically serves as an anti-suicide PSA, and is certainly the least gruesome track to read.


How has been the response so far by the listeners? Have you started working on new songs already?

So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive! We’re fortunate enough to be Canadian, so all the bands, promoters, and venues here are supportive of each other. We’ve even started to see a little international recognition, which has been really cool. We’re already working on the follow up to Graceless, which will be our first full-length offering. Things are in pretty early stages right now, so there isn’t much I can say yet, but it’s going to be a masher.

When and where did you play your first gig? How was the experience of going live for the first time?

It was nothing terrible, nothing special. We played at Vern’s in downtown Calgary, which is just the local dive where shitty bands play their first shows (like us!). We’ve all played in other bands (Arrival of Autumn for me, The Avulsion for Matt and Scott, Netheriel and Pecado for Mike), so it’s just another day on the job. Don’t get me wrong, we all love it, but by then we knew what to expect.

What, according to you, is the secret behind band’s success?

There really isn’t one. We just work hard doing what we do. We rehearse a lot, and we’re always brainstorming new ideas for merch, songs, touring plans, etc. We put in long hours and pay a lot of money to make sure everything is done right. There are no shortcuts.

Ever had an epic fail moment during a gig?

Not “epic” really, just minor fuck ups. Strings breaking, cables cutting out, etc. Normal stuff.

If asked to differentiate Widow’s Peak from other bands in your country, how would you like to respond to it?

Well we obviously have our own sound, but we don’t really intend to stand too far away from other Canadian bands. We’re proud to be Canadian, and seeing bands like Cryptopsy, Archspire, Beyond Creation, and Quo Vadis come from the same country just makes us feel even better. Even outside of the household names, bands like Without Mercy, Protosequence, and Eye Of Horus are good enough reasons to be proud to be from this frozen wasteland we call home.

How compatible are band members with each other?

Too compatible! There’s a thick sexual tension that hovers over the band, and we never know if we’re gonna fight or fuck. It’s terrifying.

Which bands/ artists do you draw your influences from? Which are your favorite local bands?

We draw inspiration from every type of music imaginable. Artists like Tech N9ne, The Beach Boys, and Fall Out Boy are among the things you can hear in our playlists. We all love metal, but we’re open minded as well. Some of my personal favourite local bands are Anti-Pattern, False Flag, Tessitura, and Exit Strategy.

How do you guys manage jobs and gigs? Also how often do you guys gathering altogether just to fun?

We don’t play live too often, so it’s easy to get time off for a gig once every couple months. We plan everything really far in advance, so it’s never been a huge issue. We all see each other at least once a week. Scott and I go to local shows 1-3 times a week, so we run into each other a lot. Pat lives in Toronto (across the country) so we don’t see him as often; usually only when he flies here for a show.

Widow’s Peak is very promising formation. Talking of your future, 5 years from now, where do you see yourself?

Well thank you! In five years we hope to be doing what we’re doing now, just on a much larger scale. We want to tour the States, and maybe even further than that. We’re currently writing our first full-length album, so in five years we’ll hopefully be on album #3 or 4.

Well, that’s it. Thanks a lot for your time. Speak out to all your fans and supporters.

Thanks for chatting with me! If you’re in western Canada, come catch us on the road or at Loud As Hell, Metallion, or Decimate festivals this summer! If you’re from further away, check us out online at https://www.facebook.com/widowspeakdm/

Take care!