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November 15, 2018


Hi! Give a brief history of VOODOO DIAMOND, music style, and the members.

Well, we started as 4 office guys that would meet after work to jam along. One day someone said: “We should start writing stuff” the rest said: “naaaa, let’s keep jamming Metallica…” Eventually the joke became serious. We started writing, and shortly after our first EP was out. The title of that EP really reflected how we felt at the time – “Blindfolded”, and not just musically, but with the entire music scene. None of us had a deep background in terms of how it all works as a business, so it was kind of blind leading the blind. A lot as happened since then. Two of the members were not ready for that type of commitment, so we felt it was best for them to part ways, and Doug came along. The members that left were the ones grounding us and impeding us to go full metal. To be fair, we never really thought our musical proficiency was good enough to be a metal band. Because you know, metal is one of those genres that you really need to be on top of your game, in other words, really amazing musician! With Doug in the band, and the desire to do something heavier, we recorded our second EP entitled “Voodoo Diamond”. It was faster and heavier, but still we felt something was missing. Now, we love screams LOVE THEM, but for our band we didn’t want to be just another screaming band, there needs to be some balance between melody and screams, or at least, that’s how we fell. So hence the album “Darkness Becomes It”. This album is the realization of all our musical achievements and the summary of what we are as a band. Filipe calls us a rock to metal gateway drug. We’re heavy, we’re fast, but we still remain that rock innocence we think. In terms of members, Filipe is the captain of the boat and he is a right asswipe at times haha, Alex is the singer, and like any singer sleeps during recordings haha, and Doug is the voice of reason. A forth member might be joining soon… 😉

Give in more detail, some information about your coming album “Darkness Becomes It”?

It’s definitely our heaviest work. But as mentioned above, we still retain some of that rock and roll soul. The lyrics are all very honest and reflect how we feel about the most various aspects. We are aiming to have 3 singles and as many music videos as we can. Filipe is directing and editing the first 3 videos and they are all very different from each other. Doug is aiming to direct and edit one or two as well.

VOODOO DIAMOND has signed with Musicarchy Media, tell more about that?

It happened after we launched the “Givin’ it all” music video. Kiara (CEO of Musicarchy Media) saw the video, really liked it and asked us if we wanted to be part of the family. The best thing about it is that it really pushed us to make a full-length album.

What is the difference between your latest and the very first records?

We’re way heavier! As I mentioned before, in our first EP’s we were really trying to find ourselves musically, we had no idea where we were getting ourselves into. So we matured a lot since that first EP, which we entitled “Blindfolded”. This album is 110% Voodoo Diamond and the sound we’ve been after since we started.

What inspires VOODOO DIAMOND music and lyric writing? What does VOODOO DIAMOND lyrics talk about?

Everything around us. Feelings, states of mind, the society that surrounds us. One thing we can say about our lyrics is that they are 100% sincere. There is no calculated bullshit, premeditated to make up hooks or to please this or that type of tribe. We speak about love, hate, loss, win, whatever our state of mind was at that point in time, and that we feel the instrumental is calling for.

Do you play live often? Do you like abroad gigs?

We wish we could play live more often, but the harsh reality is that it’s harder and harder to find gigs. So our gigs have to be very well planned so that we can get as many people as possible in a good venue. We don’t really have a definition of “abroad” though since we are all from abroad haha! 🙂 But if you mean outside the UK, the answer is an emphatic YES!! It’s soooo awesome! We’ve only done it a few times because it’s super expensive, but the experience was amazing! It’s crazy to see people so many km away singing our songs!!

How often does the band practice and work on new material?

We only practice the new material after it’s been recorded. Yes, we don’t jam the songs before going to the studio and the reason for that is simple, we don’t want to be hardwired to something that is not even recorded yet. Filipe writes pretty much most of the songs, but then everybody throws in their comments and dubs, so the songs always evolve a bit. And when we get to the studio Scott always adds feedback. For example, for this album all songs had their drums restructured in the studio. If we had already exhaustively jammed them in the studio we would have what we called “married the song” so any idea or opinion anyone else had about would be discarded. Don’t get me wrong though, when we hit the studio, Filipe already has all song demos already recorded with effects and vocal dubs and all of that, but we prefer to practice them after they are finalized!

How did the band come up with the name VOODOO DIAMOND and tell what does it means for you?

To quote Dave Grohl, coming up with a band name is the hardest part and no matter how hard we try to come up with something cool, it always ends up sounding like shit! Haha! Having said that though, Voodoo comes from Hendrix “Voodoo Child” as we all love him and Diamond because it’s the hardest rock! However… yeah we still think it’s a stupid name! haha

What does the band plan on doing in near time?

Promote the album, make as many music videos as we can to ensure our music is heard and seen and play gigs!! Simple as that! 😀

Any message to Sick and Destroy readers?

Yeah, this magazine is awesome, keep following them and check out our stuff!! If you got this far reading the article, thanks for the support!!