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November 15, 2018

Interview TIRAN

  • Hi! Tell me about TIRAN. Why did you decide to name the band with such title? What kind of ideas do you explore?

– Hellz! So, TIRAN since 2005, comes from the deepest underground Hell and bears the primitive, dirty and beautiful energy of death / thrash metal in its aggression. No politics, fake gay tears, the same plasticine sound and pompous pathos. Only the speed, anger and flame of a real metal. It’s the flame that allows the fire of TIRAN to blaze until now. TIRAN is a small author’s processing of the word TYRANT, but the meaning, definitely the same, and during the last 13 years, I have never disappointed that we chose this name. In my opinion, it is still ideal for our music and reflects the ideology of the band.

  • “APOCALYPTIC TALES” album was released last year. How does that make you feel? Do you feel you have put album into masses without any wishes to change something now?

– Sure, now I have enough complaints about this album. They were also when we were printed the CDs, you can’t do everything perfectly. If someone tells me that he made the perfect album, I will say with certainty that this is a  complete crap and throw it into a box of shit. The process of working on “APOCALYPTIC TALES” was quite difficult and lengthy, there was something that constantly interfering and there were some problems as well, so I’m glad that we finally released the album and listeners can understand what TIRAN is at that moment . Without unnecessary improvements and unnecessary licking. Honesty is very important, especially when we are talking about metal music.

  • Tell me more about “APOCALYPTIC TALES”? Album ideas etc…

– The main ideas of APOCALYPTIC TALES are far from new, but, nevertheless, they are still relevant and they can be talked about endlessly. The album narrates about modern society with all its terrible canons, limitations, dogmas and other nonsense, and the place of the individual as it is in this decaying organism. It is not easy just to remain yourself and work on the development of your self, when there are people who trying to drive ourselves from a very young age into some kind of framework, aligning ourselves to certain standards and, what’s most disgusting, to suppress the idea of ​​alternative ways of thinking and existence in us. Strong ones of this world is struggling to distort the natural way of the animal nature, and, we must admit, they are very good at it. The album does not call to mindlessly jump on the barricades of the old world and fight with the invisible enemy, it calls to think, remember, analyze and build its own “I” that can flash brighter than the lights of the underworld.

  • Where do you take all inspiration from?

– Life … Is there anything more likely to have a greater impact than all the things that we face every day? You just need to look around, perceive what is happening and let it through the prism of your consciousness. Nothing complicated. I, of course, read books, watch films … but if we think that it’s all created by people who also had or have their lives now, inspiring them to create their works, then it turns out that life as it is – it’s self-sufficient a source for creativity.

  • In your opinion, what is the best way to define TIRAN’s sound?

– Horror! Hahah! The hideous grinding screech and incoherent cries of a dying pterodactyl falling under a hydraulic press, haha! I think this will be the most accurate definition, huh!

  • So, are you on hiatus now, just relaxed and looking for album feedbacks, or did you started to compose new stuff immediately?

– Yes, now we are very actively engaged in the promotion of “APOCALYPTIC TALES”, we receive a sufficiently large number of reviews and I give a considerable amount of interviews for web zines and printed zines. But this does not mean that we do not work at all on new material. The plan for the next release is already outlined and some of the material for it is already written, something we even already perform live on our shows. The next release will be called “No Gods, No Masters” and consist of 5 tracks, 3 full songs and two instrumental songs, the idea of ​​work on which I have been carrying for more than a year. We already have half of the design for this release ready, and if everything goes according to plan, we will be able to release it in late 2018 or early 2019.

  • What are your main musical influences? How huge is their influence in your sound?

– The main influence on me was from the bands that opened the way to the world of heavy music: Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Helloween and Metallica. Of course, then there were dozens and hundreds of other great bands, but these bands will always be special for me. They showed me what Heavy Metal is capable of and I will forever remain their faithful fan! In my music, I never tried to copy them or be like them, but their spirit will always live in me and my music.

  • Is there some well-known musician in particular that you would like to use in one of your upcoming albums?

– Perhaps, I don’t have such ones … I know, that many bands do it, but sincerely I do not understand sense. Only for the sake of PR? Yes, it can work for fools, but in general it’s very stupid. I really love Jeff Waters, in my opinion, he is a very talented musician and composer. So, somehow I got the disc of a band that wrote its album in his studio and in the booklet I saw a note that Jaff played a solo in one of the songs. I shoved this CD into the player, rewound to the track with the solo played by Waters, listened, smiled and never returned to this album, huh! As a rule, guest famous musicians simply get some royalties for such kind of participation in albums, and they know that they sell their name, not music, therefore, they write down the first thing that comes to mind. The musician earns, the customer writes his name in the booklet. Everyone is happy. The value of this union is zero. In 2011, when we were recording “Reborn Chaos”, I called several friends in our studio-musicians from the same underground bands as ourselves, we got really drunk and all the crowd recorded vocals for two tracks for that album. That was fun! All enjoyed and were satisfied. I think, you’d agree, it’s much better and more interesting than hearing how a cool dude is recording a pass-through shit for your album and for your money …

  • What is your personal strategy for making your music heard by a larger audience?

– We try to make a good promotion for all of our releases, we send out promo packages to many print zines, we give interviews, TIRAN is represented on many media platforms like Bandcamp. We really consider this work to be sufficient, since in the activity of every band, the creativity itself should be the in first place, rather than PR.

  • Do you have any other hobby beside music?

– Yes, I have enough interests, besides music. I’m fond of old movies, I like reading historical literature, I play tennis … besides, I like spending time with my children, although it does not always work out, but I try, huh!

  • Are you all supported by your relatives towards your devotion to music?

– I am very lucky in this regard. My family supports my hobby. There were in my childhood, of course, some conflicts with my parents, when I started to grow my hair and go in ragged jeans, but it’s normal, now my parents are even happy that I got carried away by metal, and not by any, for example, computer games. This hobby, of course, takes a lot of time and significantly affects the family budget, but I just can not live without all this and my family understands it.

  • How’s the metal scene in Russia right now? Is it easy to play gigs, to buy records etc there these days?

– Oh, I always find it difficult to answer such questions. If objectively, then, as far as I know, the situation in Russia is about the same as in the whole world. We have a huge number of the one typed bands and quite a few fans who attend concerts and buy CDs, records … We are talking about an underground scene now, right ??? But there are several dozens of very strong and distinct bands that do not let the whole scene die. Despite everything, they still play the show and release albums and I think it’s great! Metal music is unlikely to regain its status as it was in the 80s and 90s, but as long as we are alive, we will do what we do, even if we only have to play for ourselves and His Horned Majesty!

  • Thank you for answering my questions, see ya on the road!

– Thx for your time and your interest! Be shure! In the name of Unholy Inquisition! Amen!