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December 13, 2018

KORN's BRIAN 'HEAD' WELCH On His Daughter: 'She Was The Face Of God For Me'

KORN guitarist Brian “Head” Welch sat down in the 97.1 The Eagle AT&T Thanks Sound Studio ahead of the screening of his documentary, “Loud Krazy Love”, at the Dallas International Film Festival. Check out the chat below.

“Loud Krazy Love” features an inside look into Welch‘s past “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll” lifestyle and how it impacted his identity as a father, which can be seen in the complicated relationship he shares with his daughter, Jennea. The 86-minute documentary directed by first-time feature filmmakers Trey Hill and Scott Mayo features exclusive access on tour and at home, as well as in-depth interviews with Brian, his family and his KORN bandmates.

Welch, who became a born-again Christian in 2005, left KORN and embarked on a solo career before rejoining the band in 2013, was asked by 97.1 The Eagle if his daughter played a major role in saving his life. He responded: “Oh my gosh! She was the face of God for me. It’s like purity, innocence and love. And that’s what God is: purity, innocence and love. And he’s all-powerful too.”

Recalling himself at the height of his addiction, Welch continued: “I’m, like, jacked up on methamphetamines, I’m taking pills, I’m an alcoholic, and I come home from a tour, she [adopts little girl’s voice], ‘Daddy.’ She’s like an angel. And so she gave me the will to want to fight for my life. And what’s crazy is she led me out of the band, to look in, look within, and see myself for, like, ‘Who am I? Who really am I? Am I this rock star or am I a true person that needs to figure stuff out?’ So she helped me do that, and I left the band and I focused on her.”

He added: “When she turned into a teenager, her favorite band was BLINK-182. She wanted to marry Tom DeLonge. And then she started getting into EVANESCENCE and FIVE FINGER [DEATH PUNCH] and all them, and so she was, like, ‘Take me to rock concerts.’ So that’s when I started going to these shows, and that’s how I reconciled with the guys in KORN, ’cause I barely talked to them for eight years. So I followed her back into that world. She led me away, and she led me back.”

“Loud Krazy Love” is directed by Hill and Mayo, who also wrote and edited the film. It is produced by Samuel Ditore of Ditore Mayo Entertainment and John Humphrey of I Am Second Media.

Production of the film covered four years and includes two decades worth of never-before-seen material.

Wide release of “Loud Krazy Love” is expected in the fall.

For additional information, visit LoudKrazyLove.com.

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