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July 20, 2019

Original AC/DC Singer DAVE EVANS Honored By Tenaha Police Department (Video)

According to East Texas Press, original AC/DC singer Dave Evans was presented with a plaque bearing the key to the city of Tenaha, Texas during a special ribbon cutting for the Tenaha Police Department on Saturday, April 28 in the Tenaha ISD Cafetorium. Evans was also made an honorary police officer in recognition of his contribution as an international music artist who was a friend of Texas and for his contribution to the local music industry.

Sergeant Joey Hudnall, who is heading the new facilities, is a former backing drummer and a good friend of Evans.

Asked by KQBB what brought him to Tenaha, Evans responded (see video below): “I’ve been living in Texas, on and off, for the last 10 years and doing shows here. I actually did a couple of shows with some local musicians, and one of ’em is Joey Hudnall, who wasn’t with the police force at the time, but he was doing rock music and promotions. He rejoined the police force here in Tenaha for the new police department. And he rang me in England… I’m in Europe at the moment on tour. Joey explained that he rejoined the police force and that the new department was opening and whether I could attend, because they wanted to make me an honorary police officer of the Tenaha Police Department and also to receive the key to the city. And I checked my itinerary, and I just happened to have that particular date free, which was amazing. So I accepted, of course, and I flew in from England a couple of days ago to celebrate the opening of the new police department and also to receive this amazing and fantastic honor. I’m just over the moon.”

Evans performed at the event, accompanied by several members of area law enforcement and fire departments.

Dave recorded AC/DC‘s first two singles, “Can I Sit Next To You Girl” and “Baby Please Don’t Go”, before leaving to join Newcastle glam rockers RABBIT.

Evans was replaced later in 1974 by Bon Scott, who sang on AC/DC‘s first six studio albums and became a legend himself after his death in 1980.

Evans said he “never had a problem with Bon,” adding, “He had an opportunity to take my place and become the singer for AC/DC. I would have done the same thing. Bon was a rock and roller and as hard as me… He was quite a few years older than me but we grew up tough and did the hard knocks.”

Evans told Wales Online that his former bandmates have not acknowledged his role in AC/DC‘s early history, saying, “They like to pretend in interviews that Bon Scott was there from the very beginning. The truth of the matter is that a lot went on before Bon became involved — in fact, the band had already got through two bass players, three drummers and a handful of managers by that point… all the stuff [Bon would] later do onstage with AC/DC, like taking off his shirt and carrying Angus around on his shoulders, was nicked off me.”

Dave Evans performs at Tenaha ISD – Tenaha Police Opening Ceremony:

Posted by Justin Mott on Monday, April 30, 2018

Dave Evans – Tenaha PD Opening Ceremony

Posted by Justin Mott on Sunday, April 29, 2018

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