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November 15, 2018

Interview New Horizons

Good day dear New Horizons band! How are you guys doing these days?

Hello Seek & Destroy. We are great, thank you. We’re approaching for 3 shows that will be amazing! The first is with an Italian Icon for epic/progressive metal, the Dark Quarterer, 18th May in Prato (Exenzia Club). Then we’ll tour with great Circus Maximus for 2 shows in Rome and Brescia, on 24th and 25th May respectively. So we are so animated and enthusiastic! We’re going to spread New Horizons’s creed around the world! 🙂

First of all, please introduce your band and band members to our readers.

New Horizons is a modern progressive metal band, with a wide range of influences that fo from death metal to pop music, classic music, funk and fusion.The band is composed by Luca Guidi on keyboards, Giacomo Froli on lead guitar, Nicola Giannini on rhythmic guitar, Oscar Nini on vocals, Claudio Froli on bass guitar, and Federico Viviani on drums.

I’d like to know about the formation of the band. How did you guys meet and all. Also, is there any special story behind the band title?

New Horizons was born (officially) in November 2013, after a period of studies and line-up instability. The former members Giacomo and Nicola were the first to grow up the idea to form a real band in 2012. The project started with the joining of keyboard player Luca, starting to perform some classical metal covers. Claudio joined the band in few months, and with the arrival of Federico on drums (Rusty Nails, Sulfur, 4-Dimensional Rage) in 2013, then, the musical project turned on by Luca , Giacomo,  Nicola and Claudio began to take shape, finding the right direction. In April 2014. was released the demo ‘The Trail of Shadows’ at Borderline (Pisa), and at the end of a period of meticulous recruiting, the band completed the line-up with the entrance of Oscar Nini (vocals).

The band title is the evolution of an incorrect previous name that former members wanted to give hehe 🙂 And it is the perfect name to represent what our music is intended to be: new horizons.

I expect a long reply for this one. Can you please tell us about the concept and lyrical themes of all your previous releases?

The concept revolves around the most basic feelings of the human soul, and their contextualization in our world. The anger, the fear towards the unknown, the joy for the birth of a child accompanied by the inevitable uncertainties, the reflections about death and the greatest aspirations: these are the ingredients inside ‘Inner dislocation’, which in part have already been presented in the demo ‘The Trail of Shadows’ released in 2015.

Is there any special reason for choosing your music conception?

People who want to listen to our genre make a very specific choice. They decide to live a sort of musical experience, which revolves around the main riffs that represent the foundations of the concept. Maybe it is not that kind of music that you listen in passing, the single song makes sense in the context of the whole concert and requires attention and concentration on the part of the listener!

How do you guys manage to create music at all? What challenges do you face while writing and recording an album?

Inner Dislocation, for the reasons I mentioned before, took place without drums and vocals. So I tried to bring to the band my musical ideas and sheets, keep writing down, adjusting and linking the powerful riffs together, with the help of my guys. Of course, the last periods, when the band was in a steady state, every component was fantastic in arranging and improving his own part.

Your latest album “Inner Dislocation” was released last month. How was the experience working on the studio? Any funny or even sad happenings during the studio work?

It was a long and hard work. Sometimes exciting, looking to our whole work taking shape, sometimes difficult and full of obstacles, so that we stopped to think about the problem and the best way to come out from the glitch. Anyway, at the end, we are very satisfied of the result. It’s very near the way we imagined Inner Dislocation would have been played before recording it.

You guys are still underground/underrated, although your music has been appreciated by the critics worldwide. What, according to you, is the reason behind it?

It’s not our role judging our own work, but we can say that songs and sound it has been edited in a maniacal way. We really appreciate the feedback of the critics until now!

Can you throw some light on your past as musicians?

(Luca – keyboards) We all started playing our instrument many years before New Horizons project took shape. Personally, I began playing piano at 8 years old, with a private teacher that gave me a classic education and all of the fundamentals.

Tell us about your favorite bands, from whom you gain inspiration. Are you having any favorite artist/band that has emerged from metal/rock soil?

Well, I’ll make you a list of a little part of our music works baggage in terms of inspiration! Obviously each member of the band has its own favorite artists/band, but we commonly agree that Dream Theater inspired all of us at the same way!

Vision (Haken)
Images and words (Dream Theater)
Countdown to extinction (Megadeth)
A kind of magic (Queen)
The new mythology suite (Symphony X)

How is the metal scene going in your country?

Unfortunately metal scene in Italy is not living an extraordinary period. Maybe it never did it. But the most dramatic thing is that venues, also if there is a band with thousands of fans on facebook, see few dozens of people. I think this kind of music and metal in general has a more favor abroad.

Tell us, if you have played abroad.

Are you working on any music videos, might it be videoclip or lyric video?

After the videoclip of ‘Born in the Future’ we want to make other one or two lyric videos. We’re just working with Revalve Records in order to making it as soon and as best as we can!

Rapid fire section. Just for fun. So just chill, and just type the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear:

* Religion – Not a good friendship!
* Life – 
such an incredible inspiration
* Jack – 
Daniel 🙂
* Horizon – 
We can reach it!
* 8 MM – 
the distance between life and death… (listen to Borderlands!!)

Thanks a lot for your time! It’s really nice to know more about you. Would you like to say anything to your fans and our readers?

Thank you very much Sick and Destroy for this opportunity to tell something about us to the readers and the fans. We just want to invite people to substain our music, and the passion we put in making it… so be sure that we don’t lose sight of our purpose, and we’re keep writing down new cool stuff for the next album!