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June 4, 2020

GUNS N' ROSES: Mysterious 'Appetite For Destruction' Web Site Launched; Billboard Spotted In London

A newly launched web site, GNR.FM, appears to be teasing an upcoming product or event related to GUNS N’ ROSES‘ classic “Appetite For Destruction” album. The site, which is registered by Universal Music Group, is displaying the message “DESTRUCTION IS COMING” along with the #AppetiteForDestruction hashtag. In addition, a billboard featuring five skulls — each representing one of the classic GN’R members from the “Appetite For Destruction” cover — has popped up in the Camden area of London and is also promoting the GNR.FM site.

There is speculation among GN’R fans that “Appetite For Destruction” will be reissued in a special deluxe edition featuring lots of bonus material, although this has not yet been corroborated by an official source.

“Appetite for Destruction” was certified in September 2008 by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) for U.S. sales in excess of 18 million copies. The LP has reportedly accumulated worldwide sales in excess of 28 million since its 1987 release.

The album’s original cover, based on the Robert Williams painting “Appetite for Destruction”, depicted a robot rapist about to be punished by a metal avenger. After several music retailers refused to stock the album, they compromised and put the controversial cover art inside, replacing it with a cover depicting a cross and skulls of the five band members (designed by Billy White Jr., originally as a tattoo), each skull representing one member of the band: Izzy Stradlin, top skull; Steven Adler, left skull; Axl Rose, center skull; Duff McKagan, right skull; and Slash, bottom skull. The photographs used for the back of the album and liner notes were taken by Robert John.

Adler recently said that both he and Stradlin are “heartbroken” that they’re not part of the GUNS N’ ROSES reunion tour.

Although he wasn’t included in the lineup that launched the “Not In This Lifetime” trek in 2016, Adler rejoined GUNS N’ ROSES at several shows on the tour, including three stops on the U.S. leg and one gig in Buenos Aires, Argentina, playing drums on “Out Ta Get Me” and “My Michelle”.

In February 2017, Adler revealed to podcaster Mitch Lafon that he was originally supposed to appear at more than just a handful of shows on the GUNS N’ ROSES reunion trek. He claimed that he expected to play all the “Appetite For Destruction” material during the entire tour, only to be told he was out after he hurt his back during rehearsals.

It was rumored that Stradlin turned down a five-figure fee to play with GUNS N’ ROSES at the April 2016 reunion shows. The guitarist later tweeted about the dispute, writing that the band didn’t want to “split the loot equally.”

GUNS N’ ROSES will return in June for a seven-week European jaunt, but the band’s plans until then, and beyond that, remain unknown for now. The three core members — Rose, Slash and McKagan — have not given a single interview together.

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