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January 18, 2019

Interview Infinitee

Hi! Give a brief history of Infinitee, music style, and the members.

I started Infinitee early 2017. Currently, I am the only member but I am working on getting live members. Most of the material is inspired by metal influences; however the music also breaks out of its normal metal conventions. It also heavily uses electronic sounds and sections of more mathy, jazzy and sometimes funky parts.

Give in more detail, some information about “The Possibilities Are Endless”?

All music was written by me, but only the guitars and bass are performed by me. I wrote every 2 songs on the record for separate planned projects I wasn’t sure which project to pursue the most, so I decided to put them all on the same

Infinitee has signed with no label, tell more about that?

For right now Infinitee is run 100% independently. The project is too new for any label backing at the moment.

What is the difference between your latest and the very first records?

This is the first record so I don’t have any other work to compare it to.

What inspires Infinitee music and lyric writing? What does Infinitee lyrics talk about?

I get inspiration from bands like Animals As Leaders, Dance Gavin Dance and Meshuggah. Also guitars players such as Guthrie Govan, Steve Vai and Allan Holdsworth.

Do you play live often? Do you like abroad gigs?

I don’t play shows with this project yet. However in the other bands I played/ play in I play shows often. There’s nothing better than touring!

How often does the band practice and work on new material?

I practice every day and write whenever the inspiration strikes!

How did the band come up with the name Infinitee and tell what does it means for you?

I wanted a band name that couldn’t be pigeonholed into one genre. The long term future for the sound in uncertain so Infinitee means I can play infinite different kinds of music and it’s to be expected.

What does the band plan on doing in near time?

Getting live members, playing shows and potentially recording the second album!

Any message to Sick and Destroy readers?

Thanks for reading and make sure to get “The Possibilities Are Endless” April 20th on Itunes or Bandcamp!