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January 24, 2019

CYNIC's PAUL MASVIDAL Releases 'Evolutionary Sleeper' Playthrough Video

CYNIC‘s Paul Masvidal has released a playthrough video for the track “Evolutionary Sleeper”, which was taken from the band’s 2008 album “Traced In Air”. Check it out below.

Masvidal comments: “‘Evolutionary Sleeper’ was the acorn for all that became ‘Traced In Air’. Fans have been asking for a playthrough of this song since it was released in 2008, and here it is.”

In January, CYNIC released a brand new single called “Humanoid”. The track marked the first new music from the progressive pioneers since their 2014 full-length, “Kindly Bent To Free Us”.

“Humanoid” was recorded by Masvidal and longtime CYNIC bassist Sean Malone. The song also marked the debut of the band’s new drummer, Matt Lynch.

For the mixing of “Humanoid”, CYNIC partnered with renowned engineer Adam “Nolly” Getgood.

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