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December 15, 2018

Interview Sifting

Hi! Please state your name and what you do in the band?

Winston Jarquin Im the bassist.
Joey Aguirre I’m the drummer.
Eduardo I am guitar and lead singer.
Richard I play lead guitar.

“Not From Here” was released last year. You must be still excited?

(Winston): Yes, of course! It was a well earned experience and it seems people are receiving the album with open arms!

First of all, we would like to know about the formation of the band. When and how was it formed? Do you think the band name ‘Sifting’ perfectly describes your music and philosophy?

(Eduardo): I formed the band in 2010 when I still was in Venezuela. My mom and grandma had gotten into a plane crash, and soon after I decided I would pursue music which has always been my passion.

(Winston): We all agree the name Sifting describes our music because we are blending all the best parts of each genre of music we’ve grown up with and applying it in the band context. Therefore sifting through life and taking in all the good.

Okay now tell us something about “Not From Here”, and the lyrical themes behind each track. What are the ideas you wanted to put across?


  1. Agents Of Chaos (instrumental):

“This intro shows some of the worst yet most influential leaders that the world has ever known. Their speeches, full of political propaganda, start collapsing with each other, just like in the real world, creating a huge chaos where the people with the weakest minds end up following them, creating more chaos. Then you can feel a calm towards the end of the song, I imagine a field after the warfare, the smoke dissipating, and the melody from the last song from our first album, “Lone Dimension” makes it’s way in, aligning the center, connecting the two albums, making us go back to our roots and preparing us for the next fight.”

  1. Alone:

Alone is a song in particular that talks about how we all want to be that person to do change in the world. We want to be “The One”, “The Hero” yet some of us succumb to the worldly desires that we are being fed by society “norms and standards”. We are constantly shot by media, social discomfort, trends, pain, and misery that it makes us drift away in despair that we are unable to make any changes, hence “Another hero has fallen”. The very system we created is destroying us and the planet, leading us to a worldwide extermination. It encourages you to break the chains and become a cure for this cancer that we’ve became to the world.

  1. Blowing Fire:

It’s sort of a revolving topic of being alone left in this world as our main character is that teenager that lived the daily life struggles of life. Here we see the story of a kid whose been fed to believe in his dreams and do what he loves yet have all of those dreams come crashing with aging and adulthood. The story also mentions his parents committing suicide, so he decides to go a do the same. He finds a bridge to jump and take his life, when suddenly his parents appear like ghosts in front of him and try to talk him out of the situation. But the guy is too angry and too lost, and threatened them he would jump. However, the song doesn’t specify how the story ends, so it’s an open ending. However, at the end of the song the chorus repeats, so it kind of insinuates that he survives, keeping the “fire” of his life on, and asks God to show him a sign.

  1. Not From Here:

The song, “Not From Here” tells the story of an immigrant after leaving his home to chase a better life. He can’t find himself anywhere else and feels unsatisfied due to all the humiliation and indifference from the materialistic people from this new “home”. He talks how this materialism and indifference is damaging the upcoming generations, and tries to cheer himself up following his instincts to not fall down. Though, this person gets older and regrets he left home, all these thoughts consume him. He also encourages the same people as him (immigrants) to not just leave everything to chance, but to fight for their rights as human beings and to stop pretending they are someone they are not and embrace their roots. At the end of the song, he puts the blame on the system and the power thirst it creates among fellow humans.

  1. Blurry Paintings:

This is the story of a soldier that has been in a coma for years. One day he wakes up, but nobody was there for him except doctors and nurses. He can’t remember a thing and feels alone. Then he starts remembering a face from the past, a beautiful face, but he doesn’t remember a name or a place to find her. He even questions himself about her existence. He spends his life looking for her but never finds her.

  1. Pledge Of Our Generation

Edu: “I wrote this song in loving memory of all the people that have given their lives fighting on the streets for the freedom and democracy of my country of birth, Venezuela. All these people, most of them very young, have been killed by the very same army that should be protecting its citizens who are paid and handled by the corrupt government of Chavez, and his legacy of clowns led by president Maduro. With this song I want to show the world how our peaceful and cheerful country has turned into a war zone, and want to tell everyone that wherever you are, you can raise your voice and make a difference to make a stand against this tyrant regime so we can honor the lives of those who are still on the streets fighting for our freedom.”

  1. Nothing But Us

This song provides strength and creates hope. It shows us that united we stand strong. That united we can accomplish bigger things. As individual we are strong and we might be told otherwise we aren’t accomplishing anything but together finding a group of individuals who share a common goal we can reach the skies and fight against this society filled with wrong information and biased opinions. We will stand up against whatever storms comes our way and fight till the end, and show we will persevere even against the strongest of disasters.

It all reveals the importance of your own acceptance in order for others start accepting you.

  1. Things Change

Edu: “I remember writing this song with a very old friend from high school almost 16 years ago, after he found out his girlfriend was pregnant. He was so confused and upset, he said that they never had relations before. I mean, we were 15! haha. So he was angry because she slept with someone else and was having someone else’s kid but still wanted to stay with him! So this is a song about that betrayal, and how things change for them from one day to another. How love can die in a matter of seconds…or even, in a few words…”

  1. Epsilon (instrumental)

Edu: “Even though this song is an instrumental song, I wrote it thinking about the greek letter “Epsilon” which in mathematics means “sum”. I’m not too proud of it but I have a degree in Telecommunications Engineering, and I had to deal with a lot of calculus! haha. So I thought this song as a sum of a lot of different variables that create a whole. This song pretty much has everything you can imagine within the style, which is the very concept of our band’s name “Sifting”! We sift through all the things we like and make those elements shine!”

  1. Gloom

Edu: “This is probably the most personal song I have ever written. Along with “Vanished” from the first album, were both written to my mother. In this song I describe what I felt and what I did the day of the plane crash, which I suppressed in my mind for so many years. I just didn’t want to feel what I felt that day ever again… but acceptance is part of the healing and the evolution of every human being. I struggled with myself for many days bringing myself to sit down and write about it. Then one day I finally got the courage to do it. Once I started writing, it was like it was a song I was remembering, like it was already written. It just came out. So it felt like the voice of the soul in its pure essence.

The story of this song has always been surreal. I wasn’t even planning on recording it. This song was for me only, to remind myself who I am. But in the final week of recording “Not From Here”, something told me I had to record that song I wrote a few years back. I didn’t even remember its name! I took my acoustic guitar and started remembering it, and totally felt in love with it again. Next day I showed to our producer Ryan, and he told me that he loved it so much that he won’t even charge us for it. So the next day I recorded the vocals and all the guitars and solos, and I realized that exact day was my mother’s birthday, June 2nd. Coincidence…?”

Where and when did you record “Not From Here”? Are you satisfied with it?

NFH was recorded in the span of 2015-2016 by Steve Evetts and Ryan Williams.

We loved the sound we created for NFH but for our next album we have a very different vision, we’re gonna go way heavier with a mix of modern and old school metal.

Are you gonna to release some official band merch?

It’s done been released boy. Check out our merch store on our website: siftingofficial.com

Sorry, I meant a new one, something extra new=) What are Sifting’s musical and non-musical influences?

Marty Friedman, Angra, Metallica, Megadeth, Dream Theater, Slipknot, Symphony X. The non-musical influences would be the flawed system that we live in all the lies the government feeds us, deforestation, injustice, the killing of nature and our resources, political awareness.

Could you please express your personal views on religion and god?

We all have different views in religion and god.

Shall we expect some gigs across USA or Europe near time?

Yes, we are currently on a West Coast tour with Prong and Powerflo, then right after that we’re going on a full North American run with Sons of Apollo and Felix Martin.

When shall fans to expect something new from you? Videoclip, single, documentary etc?

We have been working on new songs to have them ready by the end of the year. In fact we are playing one of the songs in our set with Prong and Sons of Apollo. We expect to have some demos by the end of the year. Also, a new videoclip for Gloom is soon to be released so keep your eyes peeled!