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January 20, 2019

THEORY OF A DEADMAN Releases Video For Cover Of CHRIS ISAAK's 'Wicked Game'

THEORY OF A DEADMAN has shared the official video for its cover of Chris Isaak‘s legendary 1989 hit “Wicked Game”. The track is taken from the band’s latest album, “Wake Up Call”, which was released last October.

Recorded with producer Martin Terefe at London’s Kensaltown Studios, “Wake Up Call” finds THEORYTyler Connolly (lead vocals, lead guitar), David Brenner (rhythm guitar), Dean Back (bass) and Joey Dandeneau (drums) — extending themselves beyond the easy comforts of complacency to create an album that pushes the songwriting envelope with songs like “Rx”, which takes aim at the opioid epidemic impacting families across North America and “PCH”, which juxtaposes the nostalgia for seemingly endless nights with friends and the bitter realities of life.

Back told AXS about the making of “Wake Up Call”: “During the writing process, Tyler‘s go-to was to always pick up a guitar and write with that. He pushed himself through and instead of writing with the guitar he used a piano he has in his house. He has been teaching himself how to play; his dad always played keyboards in bands. I think writing on the piano opened up another creative realm in him. That was the beginning of it. When we heard the demos, we knew we had to do something different with this record. The songs were so strong and the lyrics were top notch.

“Our last four records we recorded in L.A. with the same producer, same engineer, same team,” he continued. “We put the feelers out looking for something different and Martin Terefename came up, the Swedish producer. He was totally pumped about the project. We asked him to come to L.A. and record there, but he said he has his studio set up in London, works out of there. Martin asked if we wanted to go to London and we said, ‘Yes!’ Seven weeks we were in his London studio. Great history there and we were kind of isolated from everything, so it gave us the ability to really focus on the album. No distractions from family and friends. Working with Martin was completely different too. Normally we would do two or three weeks of pre-production to get the songs ready to go, then go into the studio and hit ‘record.’ He did not want to do that at all. When he heard we hadn’t played the songs yet, he thought it was perfect. Didn’t want us to. Said we should just go in the studio, hit record and then begin to play them. He was really hands-on too. He really jumped in. Ideas were flowing. This record really came together organically. It is different, for sure — a lot of growth for us on this album.”

“Wake Up Call” follows 2014’s “Savages”, which earned THEORY their second consecutive Top 10 album on the Billboard 200 and third consecutive #1 on Billboard‘s Hard Rock Albums chart.

THEORY is set to kick off a U.S. headline tour on May 15 in New Haven, Connecticut.

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