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April 3, 2020

Track Premiere: Adversvm – ‘PS. XIII Maledictvm’

Little is known about Adversvm, save the initiator’s initials: S.B., herein responsible for vocals, guitars, and bass. For supplicants of the towering megalith that exudes barred dour chords and withers all life in its sonicfield, Adversvm’s first utterance, Aion Sitra Ahra, will prove a mandatory acquisition. Enfolded in lachrymose essence, cloaked in suffocating atmospherics, and deeply anonymous, here lies a record that reminds us why we chase these chilling notions in the first place.

So thoroughly hermetic are Adversvm, in fact, that we’re forced to present this sample sans band statement today. Yet, on the lowest frequencies, and in the most dread tongue, the funeral doom of Adversvm speaks for itself.

A colossal and stone thumbs down . . . this is “PS. XIII Maledictvm.”

Get Aion Sitra Ahra May 4th, 2018 from Iron Bonehead.

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