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December 7, 2019

Watch: Abraham – ‘Silent at Last’

Abraham‘s take on post-metal is interesting, mainly because of how dark it is. Dissonance and horror seem to be the driving elements of “Silent at Last,” a new song and video from their forthcoming, Look, Here Comes the Dark! album. Eerie, dissonant guitar and drums that pound with a ritualistic intensity match a video bathed in red light.

Drummer/vocalist D. Schlagmeister puts the song in the context of the album, which is a double album nearly two hours in length.

“Taken from the second part, ‘Silent at Last’ depicts the overwhelming strength of vegetation as it overgrows all traces of humankind and devours all animal life with carnivorous lust,” he says. “We wanted to convey a sense of suffocation, of fear, of being hunted. Augustin’s haunting video captured this perfectly.

At some point, this song’s working title was the ‘Beneficient Clearing.’ Turned out to be rather a malevolent one…”

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