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June 26, 2019


With the new, self-titled STONE TEMPLE PILOTS album released this past Friday (March 16), bassist Robert DeLeo was asked in an interview with AltWire if there were any songs left over from the band’s 2015 sessions with LINKIN PARK‘s Chester Bennington on vocals that were repurposed for the new LP.

DeLeo replied: “There were, but they were kind of ideas and they didn’t really get too far. Working on a new record with Chester was kind of a notion and it didn’t really go too far before he said he could no longer do STP. We got together and played some ideas and that was about it. So these ideas were sitting there for a couple of years.”

Bennington toured with STP and recorded one EP before exiting the band in late 2015. STP guitarist Dean DeLeo told The Pulse Of Radio that Bennington came into the band at a time when they needed him. “If I were to look back at our time together, it was incredible, you know. Chester infused something in Robert and Eric [Kretz, drums] and I that was much needed. You know, Chester came in and it was literally like an angel. You know, what Chester brought in was immeasurable, man, and just our time on the road and our time gigging and our time doing that EP was… it was beautiful.”

Bennington committed suicide in July 2017. Original STP vocalist Scott Weiland was dismissed in early 2013 and died of a overdose in December 2015.

The new STP record, its seventh full-length effort, features the debut of new singer Jeff Gutt.

Gutt, a one-time “The X Factor” contestant, made his live debut with the band last November in Los Angeles. The band recently did its first round of dates in support of the new album and next plays on April 14 in Tucson, Arizona.
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