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January 22, 2019

KAMELOT Bassist's SAULT: 'Last Man Standing' Video

Rhythm-driven heavy rock band SAULT — featuring members of internationally acclaimed power metal group KAMELOT and groove metal outfit ARCANIUM, and guest appearances by members of KING DIAMOND, ONE EYED DOLL and more — has just released its debut full-length album, “Seeds Of Power”.

The official video for the song “Last Man Standing” can be seen below. The clip features Michael McCallum and Pat Bird as actors, and was directed by Pat Bird, Pat Dowdle and Jasper Thewes at Bad Trip Design.

The new video is the second of two videos shot with producer Roy Warner — the first being video for the single “Adonai”. Unlike “Adonai” that was shot in a studio in Detroit, Michigan, band takes for “Last Man Standing” were shot in a warehouse reserved for artist. The story line was filmed in the outskirts of town in a wooded area. The band and producer’s crew all brainstormed after the initial shoot to come up with a plot for the story line. SAULT didn’t want it to look dystopian or to look old school either; they were aiming for somewhere in the middle. The story meshed well with the music and captures an element of suspense, and the hero of the story did a great job of building up the character to become, in fact, the Last Man Standing.

Bassist and composer Sean Tibbets commented about the song: “When I originally wrote the song, I wasn’t sure I wanted to use it. But once the guys in the band started putting their own vibe and feel to the song, it became this crushing riff that sticks in your head. It is my personal favorite SAULT song so far.”

SAULT originally formed in 2014 as a solo project of acclaimed bassist Sean Tibbetts, who sought to write hookier metallic rock music while not in the studio or touring with his full-time band KAMELOT. After deciding to branch the project out to a full band, Tibbetts joined forces with solo guitarist/tattooist Curtis Jay, and — after an introduction via ONE EYED DOLL and SAULT guest vocalist Kimberly Freeman — linked up with singer Benjamin Riggs of groove metal group ARCANIUM. “Seeds Of Power” features the talents of two rotating drummers — Matt Thompson (KING DIAMOND) and Casey Grillo (KAMELOT).

SAULT draws influence from the heyday of ’90s alternative and grunge rock — ebbing and flowing with inspiration from bands like TOOL, LIVING COLOUR, SEVENDUST, SOUNDGARDEN and beyond — and accented by a further heavy metal impact. The sound is catchy and hard-hitting that will appeal to diehard rock fans and metal headbangers alike.

“Seeds Of Power” track listing:

01. Balance *
02. Guilt ^
03. Adonai ^
04. Entropy (feat. guest vocals by Kimberly Freeman of One Eyed Doll) *
05. Fragile ^
06. Peaceful Moment ^
07. Save Myself ^
08. Last Man Standing *
09. Null Space *

* feat. guest drummer Matt Thompson (KING DIAMOND)
^ feat. guest drummer Casey Grillo (KAMELOT)

“Seeds Of Power” was recorded using the power of the Internet, with different members recording their parts in Florida, Kentucky, Colorado and Texas. The album was then produced, mixed and mastered by Oliver Palotai (KAMELOT, ULI JON ROTH, DORO) in Stuttgart, Germany. Vocal tracking is credited to Adam Stewart of ARCANIUM and additional vocal edits were made by Jason Sewell of ONE EYED DOLL. Contributing writers on the album include Kole Kruger, Vic DeLeon and Jeff Garner.

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