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December 11, 2018

KZOHH released “61°45’17″N,59°27’46″E” teaser

KZOHH released “61°45’17″N,59°27’46″E” teaser, from upcoming album “26”, will be released soon via Ashen Dominion.

“The Legend has it that Nine Mansi hunters stayed on the slope of the mountain of Holatchahl over night during their hunting trip.

The next morning all nine were found dead by their friends.
None of them showed any signs of violent death.
Thus the mountain became regarded as haunted.
Local native tribes avoided the peak and never ventured here…
February 26, 1959…

nine bodies were found dead from the group
under the leadership of Igor Dyatlov…
nine similar deaths…Unnatural and incredible…”

– Ashen Dominion –