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February 20, 2020

Watch: WOWS – ‘Chakpori’

Italian post-/doom metal group WOWS have a new music video heavy enough to match their thunderous post-metal sound on “Chakpori,” the second song on their 2015 release, Aion. Telling the unfortunate tale of two lovers, the videography is stunning and could easily serve as a short film.

The band were equally impressed when they first saw the finished product, they say.

“The first time we saw this video, we couldn’t believe what we were looking at, we just knew that is the best video we have so far,” WOWS told Decibel. “Music totally fuses with the images and the storyline is just thrilling throughout all the length of the song.  The locations are familiar because that’s were we all live, it’s the Garda Lake, but the story takes the whole thing magically back in the past. Maybe it all happened for real!”

You can watch the video below. Aion is out now via Argonauta.

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Source: News3

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