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December 10, 2018

MINISTRY's AL JOURGENSEN Is Dumbfounded So Many Americans Thought It Was Good Idea To Elect DONALD TRUMP

MINISTRY mainman Al Jourgensen told the Illinois Entertainer in a new interview that he is dumbfounded by why so many Americans thought it would be a good idea to elect Donald Trump president. “What the fuck is going on in this society that would [make people] think it was a good idea to vote-in an eradiated, shit gibbon, orange orangutan, angry Cheeto?” Jourgensen quipped.

He went on to say that MINISTRY‘s upcoming album, “AmeriKKKant”, “is not an anti-Trump record. This is a record of inquisition, of why did we do this? I’m holding up the mirror, and I want some feedback as to why you all think this happened, [why] we thought that this was a good idea?” Jourgensen said. “It has nothing to do with him; he’s the figurehead, he’s the symptom. If you go to the doctor with a large cyst on your shoulder, they can take care of the cyst. But as they’re doing the cyst, they find out you have cancer. The cyst is just the symptom, so Trump is like a cyst.”

Jourgensen also explained how Trump has made it easier for MINISTRY to get Al‘s point across through using humor and sarcasm. “I just let all the sarcasm drip out of the fucking ‘Angry Cheeto”s mouth,” Jourgensen said. “I really didn’t have to do much to conjure him being an idiot. It wasn’t like doing a REVOLTING COCKS record where you just come up with scenarios and just make fun of everything, and irony and sarcasm rule the day. But this is what the fucking guy says. All sarcasm aside, I’ll leave that to him. What I’m doing is waving an orange flag saying, ‘This ain’t right; it’s not normal!'”

“AmeriKKKant” will be released on March 9 via Nuclear Blast Records. The disc will feature guest appearances by DJ Swamp (Beck), Burton C. Bell (FEAR FACTORY), Arabian Prince (N.W.A.) and Lord Of The Cello.

MINISTRY‘s North American tour in support of “AmeriKKKant” kicks off March 22.
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