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January 23, 2019

review Saber Tiger “Bystander Effect”

Saber Tiger “Bystander Effect”
Sliptrick records

March 13, 2018

That ‘cool’ feeling when you reviewing a band which was formed back in far 1981 but you have heard nothing about them before… Pity, yeah? Yeah… When Japanese metal fans know almost every EU/US/CA band far not everybody know alot about Japanese scene… Saber Tiger is Japanese band existing 37 (!!!) years with 14 (!!!) albums! The band’s main activity was during ’90s when they recorded 1-2 albums per year, really impressive! In ’80s they recorded just demos and some EP’s, but were quite active too! And ’00s are active but with some timebreaks… Anyway looking to their activity I’m more than impressed, HOW did they managed everything back then?… Huh, huge respect, no more to say! The only sad thing there is just 1 original member…

Okay, let’s see whan do we have on “Bystander Effect”. The album was originally released back in 2015 but Sliptrick records re-issue this one with bunch of bonus tracks what looks superb! Original edition contains 11 songs and this one comes with 15 tracks (including some demo songs from 2013), this also looks funny because regularly Japanese editions comes with special bonuses but here is another way, what is cool too))

Musically Saber Tiger plays heavy metal, mostly in classical way, combined with some hard rock tunes, sometimes I remember RAGE while listening to Saber Tiger, sometimes typical heavy metal bands. The music is reach for catching melodies, with some progressive touches here and there, but from the other hand we can’t mark them as ‘prog-only’ band because here is typical power/heavy metal still. Raging guitars, freezing clear vocals; each song charged with enough of energy and drive. Sometimes we can hear some kind of aggressive power metal, with real powerful sound (the best example is the song entitled “Shameless” which starts so extreme!)… Mentioned earlier raging and massive guitars crossing best way with killer guitar solos which sounds really deep and memorable! And of course I can’t skip just amazing ballad like “An Endless End – Another Time”!

As a result we have very good power/heavy metal with progressive metal touches, really catching and memorable, check it by yourself! Right now!