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December 10, 2018

Interview Novareign

Hi! Give a brief history of Novareign, music style, and the members.

Hello! Novareign is a band that has actually been around since around 2012. Though I wouldn’t necessarily say that we were an active band that was up and running all that time, 2012 is when the idea to form a band came up. The years that followed consisted of finding members, writing songs etc. It sounds like so long ago when you think about it, but finding the right members was without a doubt a very time-consuming process. I had knew I wanted to form a power metal band so when I started contacting the founding members it was with the intent of forming a band of the power metal genre. Our music utilizes ample work of both simplistic and complex guitar work, often rooted by a thrashing rhythm line, and of course the wailing, clean vocal melodies you’d typically find in a power metal song. Each member brings their own element to the music. While the genre in pursuit is power metal, the background of each member varies in style so even though you’re asking for a power metal song, there will always be some original flavors sprinkled here and there because of their styles. I’ve always been a guitarist fascinated by shred heavy and melodic metal. Our frontman is David Marquez, a seasoned vocalist in the genre who’s been with the band since the very beginning. Our guitarist, Balmore Lemus, another seasoned, tried and true musician actually comes from a very extensive background having worked with many other acts including Warbringer and Exmortus. Our drummer Paul, is a newcomer to the genre, but having a background in progressive, technical metal, he not only crushes the material but brings with him a dynamic we could have never expected. Finally, our bassist Moises has to be one of the most talented people I’ve known, he not only excels at his instrument, but he is also a highly talented artist as well, who actually drew up all the artwork featured in the album.

-Danny Nobel

Give in more detail, some information about “Legends”?

“Legends” is our debut album as well as the culmination of all the work and trouble we have been through over the years. There is no doubt about it, the journey to reach this point was a trying one. We’ve gone through the trenches of forming a band and have been faced with the many setbacks that can occur in doing so. We had every sign presented to us that we should quit, for whatever reason it may have been, but we just simply didn’t. We knew this is what we wanted to do. Legends is an album that marks a personal milestone achievement for each of us. For most some it is the first full-length album we recorded. A lot of the writing was done by first time songwriters to the genre. Something that I hope will make for a fresh sound. For our bassist Moises in particular, this was his first time putting together a professional piece of artwork and have it published in an album. Something he and the rest of us our immensely proud of.

Novareign has signed with M-Theory Audio, tell more about that?

Our signing with M-Theory Audio was about a year in the making. We had caught the attention of Marco Barbieri, the head of the label, who had been keeping an eye on our activity. After a year or so of talking and building momentum, he presented us with a licensing deal. After heavy scrutiny, and meetings, we ended up signing it. Since then it has been a pleasure working with him to keep the momentum moving.

What is the difference between your latest and the very first records?

Legends is our our first album so there aren’t any previous records to compare it to. The closest thing to a previous record we have is a 4 song demo CD that we put out back in 2014 titled “Reign of the Infinite Sun”. Most of the songs on it have been carried over to the new album to be recorded in professional quality. Though you can recognize a certain growth and maturity in the newer songs on the album compared to the older ones that were carried over from the demo.

What inspires Novareign music and lyric writing? What does Novareign lyrics talk about?

Most of our lyrics are based on heroic themes. Celebrating the values of courage, strength, nobility, and virtue. We color our lyrical themes heavily with inspirational dialogue to motive a listener to strive for greatness. To always keep pushing forward even the odds are against you. Personally, it seems that there are plenty of bands with lyrical themes that talk about death, pain and suffering, and all that bad stuff that we figured we’d go with this route. Besides, it’s more genuine to us anyway. We get more out of a kick from writing powerful and triumphant stories meant to inspire. It’s a big part of who we are inside.

Do you play live often? Do you like abroad gigs?

Our activity has been gradually increasing. We usually play anywhere between 3-5 times a month. We love to stay busy. Novareign has yet to go abroad for a gig though we have taken a few trips to other states. Needless to say we love to travel and going abroad is most likely going to be something we’ll be doing in the future.

How often does the band practice and work on new material?

We practice less than we’d like to lol. There was a period when we were renting out a lockout studio, which we would use very frequently and practice multiple times a week. We no longer have it so we’ve had to resort to paying for hourly studios. With everyone’s busy schedules it can be difficult to get the entire band together for a full band practice, but we manage. As for new material, each member is constantly working on riffs and ideas here and there so that when it comes time to really buckle down and hammer out some new material we’ll have plenty to work with.

How did the band come up with the name Novareign and tell what does it means for you?

The name Novareign was coined by our frontman David Marquez. As far as I know it was completely on the dime and he just came up with it on the spot. It’s a really cool name that was actually used for a previous band that he and I both were in, but the band broke up after 6 months and I felt that it was too cool of a name to practically be wasted like that. So when we formed this band I had suggested using the name. This is why you might find Novareign videos from before 2012 that may be confusing, but that was a completely different project. As for the meaning of the name, if I may be bold and take a liberty in defining it, I’ve always felt that it can refer to the events that follow a supernova. When a star dies, a supernova, everything that surrounds it is now at the mercy of its power. Nothing can resist it and once it reaches it, and all must bow down to its advancement. The supernova is in charge. It is the time of its “reign” if you will. So comes the name Novareign. Which I always thought would be an awesome explanation to the name. Maybe if you asked the other members they have their own meaning to it. lol Other than that though, there really isn’t a deep dark meaning behind it other than the fact that it sounds cool and makes for a cool theme to have.

What does the band plan on doing in near time?

Releasing the album is the biggest thing on our agenda at the moment so everything we’re doing is in part of promoting that. Keep an eye out on our social media accounts! You can expect plenty of media being released in the form of lyric videos, track by track videos and much more! We’re an active band so we are consistently performing at many events. The biggest one of which worth mentioning would be our CD release show which will be held on February 17th in Long Beach, CA! One day after the street date of Legends. Aside from that, you can definitely expect more and more events and tours we’ll be a part of. And of course, our contract has us on for 2 albums, so there will for sure be a second Novareign album out within the next couple of years.

Any message to Sick and Destroy readers?

First off we’d like to compliment your choice in magazine articles you seek to satisfy your need for news and updates in current metal events. Our debut album “Legends” will be available on February 16th and is available for pre-order at www.m-theoryaudio.com/store. And of course I wouldn’t want to come off like I’m influencing anybody but we do recommend that everyone listens to it, tells their friends about it, tells their family about it, their coworkers, their frienemies and friendly strangers. Hell, even go and tell your mortal enemies about it as well! It wouldn’t hurt to go on out and make a fuss or two about it as it will most certainly please us very much. And of course we couldn’t be more happy to be presenting you with our dyed-in-the-wool production of epic power shredding music that we love to play! And if you love the album, to make a lot of noise about it! And if you hate it, then make your mortal enemies listen to it! I’m sure it would do them irrefutable harm, especially since you guys are mortal enemies, and must not see eye-to-eye. So if you show them music you hate, then maybe that person might actually like it. Who knows, but you don’t have to worry about that. And to all those tried and true, we’re proud to be here, we hope to see all potential Novareign fans out there on the road someday. Wherever they may be! It’s an honor to be here making this music. Thank you!