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January 19, 2020

DEATH ANGEL's Next Album Will Be 'Aggressive' And 'In Your Face' But 'A Lot More Varied'

DEATH ANGEL singer Mark Osegueda has confirmed to The Metal Voice that the band has begun working on music for the follow-up to 2016’s “The Evil Divide” album. “That’s what this year is pretty much dedicated to for DEATH ANGEL,” Mark said at this past weekend’s NAMM show in Anaheim, California (see video below). “[We are] at the very embryonic stage of [the writing process], but we plan on having the whole thing written, recorded and mixed by the end of the year.”

Regarding the musical direction of the next DEATH ANGEL LP, Mark said: “This will be the fourth album with this lineup. This will be the most albums ever by DEATH ANGEL with the same lineup. We’re going to stay with the same producer as well — Jason Suecof out in AudioHammer in Florida. So we’re gonna stick with kind of the same formula, as far as it’s gonna be aggressive, in your face, but I think our arsenal has gotten a lot more varied — say on the last record, ‘The Evil Divide’, with a song like ‘Lost’. So we always have our own little subtle nuances that we throw in that other thrash bands just don’t do, and I think that’s what separates us from them. I don’t know if it’s a better thing, but it’s an original thing, and that’s what we always strive for.”

“The Evil Divide” was released in May 2016 via Nuclear Blast. The CD was recorded at AudioHammer studios in Sanford, Florida with Suecof, who previously worked on 2010’s “Relentless Retribution” and 2013’s “The Dream Calls For Blood”.

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