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May 26, 2020

JOSH TODD & THE CONFLICT Feat. BUCKCHERRY Members: 'The Story Of My Life' Video Released

“The Story Of My Life”, the new video from JOSH TODD & THE CONFLICT, the band featuring singer Josh Todd and guitarist Stevie Dacanay (a.k.a. Stevie D.) of BUCKCHERRY, can be seen below. The clip was shot in Los Angeles by director Billy Jayne. The song is taken from JOSH TODD & THE CONFLICT‘s debut album, “Year Of The Tiger”, which was released last September via Century Media.

“Year Of The Tiger” was co-produced by Dacanay and STONE TEMPLE PILOTS drummer Eric Kretz.

Regarding the motivation to start this new project, Josh said: “I have a lot of story telling in me and I always wanted to start another band. Something more reckless and off-the-beaten rock path.

“A lot of changes had taken place in BUCKCHERRY and I didn’t want to go another year without making new music.

BUCKCHERRY is in a great place; we have a great new lineup. However, my full attention is on JOSH TODD & THE CONFLICT. We’re gonna do a worldwide tour behind this. My goal is to give each band a break, so I can stay consistently making music without over touring and build both situations into something really cool.”

He continued: “It was time for me to make a record. It has been two years since I put out new music and that’s a long time for me. I am a student of the game and this was an opportunity to not just make a traditional-sounding rock record like I have been doing in the past. THE CONFLICT stuff is heavy, melodic and honest, with a lot of risk taking, and these are the records that bring out the best in me.”


Josh Todd – Vocals
Stevie D – Guitars/Back-Up Vocals
Sean Winchester – Drums
Greg Cash – Bass

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