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June 1, 2020

Video Premiere: Atala – ‘Wilted Leaf’

How do you make sludge metal even more crushing? For Atala, the answer was simple: look for inspiration in their home of Twentynine Palms, California. The desert landscape provided all the inspiration the group needed when writing new album Labyrinth of Ashmedai. A new video for “Wilted Leaf,” a song from Labyrinth, shows the band playing in the middle of the desert, rocking out under the sun.

“‘Wilted Leaf’ is probably one of the most straight forward songs we have ever written,” says guitarist/vocalist Kyle Stratton. “It is a pure sludge song. Basically, all we did musically was try and rip the roof off of the studio. Vocally I just yelled as hard as I could and blew my voice out, day one, fuck it, it’s rock and roll, not pop. Billy Anderson added some of his trademark production just to make it palatable. It’s pretty in your face. The video was produced by fellow local ‘Metal Head’ Zak Kupcha with Circulation Media, He did a hell of a job.”

Watch the video for “Wilted Leaf” below and pre-order Labyrinth of Ashmedai here.

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