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January 17, 2019

Video: HIRAX Performs At 'X Fest' In Los Angeles

Fan-filmed video footage of HIRAX‘s January 6 performance at the X Fest at the Regent in Los Angeles, California can be seen below.

HIRAX‘s latest album, “Immortal Legacy”, was released in 2014 via SPV/Steamhammer. The disc was produced by Bill Metoyer, known for his work with SLAYER, ARMORED SAINT, W.A.S.P. and SACRED REICH. HIRAX previously collaborated with Metoyer back in the early 1980s on the band’s first two albums. Singer Katon W. De Pena called the producer “a musical wizard” and described his work on “Immortal Legacy” as “genius.”

According to Katon, HIRAX‘s current lineup agrees 100 percent on the group’s stylistic direction and has brought to bear its full energy to make “Immortal Legacy” the masterpiece it is.

“Our philosophy has always been to remember where we come from and stay true to our roots,” he said. “Our fans know that we will never let them down and that they have helped to raise us up to a level with bands such as SLAYER, SODOM, KREATOR, EXODUS, OVERKILL, TESTAMENT, ANNIHILATOR and many others. This record proves that we are at the top of our game musically!”

The cover of “Immortal Legacy” was drawn by legendary artist Philip Lawvere — his first oil painting in 25 years since coming out of retirement. He was the artist behind such classic album covers as KREATOR‘s “Pleasure To Kill” and CELTIC FROST‘s “Emperor’s Return”. Guest guitar players on “Immortal Legacy” include Jim Durkin (DARK ANGEL), Juan Garcia (AGENT STEEL, EVILDEAD) and Rocky George (SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, FISHBONE)

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