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May 19, 2019

TRENT REZNOR Gets Restraining Order Against Neighbor

The Pulse Of Radio reports that NINE INCH NAILS mainman Trent Reznor has filed for a restraining order against his neighbor. According to TMZ, Reznor claims that the man has been behaving increasingly irrationally and threateningly towards him and his family for the past six months, yelling at a friend leaving Reznor‘s house that Satan is going to get him and ranting on the sidewalk about how “the Lord” will get “rich people.”

In one instance, Reznor alleges that the neighbor expressed his hatred of the NINE INCH NAILS frontman to a friend leaving the house.

Reznor also claims that on Christmas Eve, he was outside playing with his kids when he spotted the “disheveled” neighbor walking up and down the sidewalk ranting: “Rich people can do anything they want, but the Lord will get them in the end.”

A judge has agreed to keep the neighbor at least 10 yards from the NINE INCH NAILS leader, his family, and employees working at his house. A court hearing regarding the issue will take place next month.

NINE INCH NAILS has been playing sporadic shows and has released two EPs in the last 13 months.
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