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December 11, 2018


  • Hi Kat! Give a brief history of KATARINA GUBANOVA project, music style, and the members. Are you the only person behind project?

My project started totally spontaneously. After I left Kiev and moved to Germany I felt myself totally lost and lonely, I felt lack of music – before I played in different bands since teens. So, I thought: what could I make alone and have fun? Hm, maybe I could play piano again!

And everything started.

Now I’m happy to understand. that I made everything alone and myself but step by step this project is growing, so now team of like-minded people is forming. Sure, in creative part of work I’m still alone but they help me with fotos, promotion, administration of social networks etc 

  • Give in more detail, some information about your latest stuff and how well it sells?

My first EP with 5 metal cover songs just started in shops, and I hope to gel statistics soon. Really excited about this, because I know that online selling sucks now… In February I gonna publish an Album of my own compositions and think to print limited edition CD .

  • You still have no label, tell more about that?

Yes, now I understand, that I was a bit slow, I played a lot online and offline but never thought about publishing. So let’s say now I’m just started to search proper label.

  • What have you achieved by the years of practice?

You can see it on my videos 🙂

 But, literally I’m not classical pianist. I never was trained as pianist, never studied in conservatories. My years in music were more like live gigs experience with rock and metal bands. Serious piano is only about a year, first covers were played and recorded only with my stage synth and only less than year ago I’ve got e-piano with real keys.

  • What inspires you to make this or that cover version?

First of all – this is songs of my favourite bands. I always play songs I love. Because this is not a job for money, so I want to enjoy whole process.

  • Do you play live often? Do you like play abroad?

As I have not so many connections (wanna to remind – I moved not long time ago and everything is new here) – so , I would like to play more. But, nevertheless, I had 9 live gigs this year (2017) including two big festivals: WGT and Gogol Fest in Kiev, and collaboration with Sennheiser. Not bad for the newcommer I think.

And sure, I would love to play abroad, getting a lot of requests daily but from fans, hehe, I need really experienced booking agent.

  • What are your plan on doing in near time?

2017 was super productive for me, I finished two albums. First – my own clear piano stuff will be published in February, second – lounge music in collaboration – will be published in spring. Then I would like to make professional video for 2 tracks.

Of course, I’m already composing next album, and for sure I will continue to play youtube covers. And new thing in 2018: weekly online live performances.

  • Any message to Sick and Destroy readers?

Stay true and listen to good music!