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January 20, 2019


  • Hi! Tell me about DISAFFECTED. Why did you decide to name the band with such title? What kind of ideas do you explore?

Hello! We are Disaffected. A Death Prog. band from Portugal. We started way back in the early 1990´s, as a more thrash sounding band. In 1995 we released “Vast” through the Portuguese label “Skyfall”. In spite airtime on MTV, VIVA and all other emerging music channels back then, the album never got across – probably due to the fact that being from Portugal we never had a good chance to promote the record. A few years later, the band split. However pressure to regroup was intense. Specially thanks to the internet, that finally helped a greater audience discover the CD and really enjoy it (97% on metal archives, for example). So, in 2012 we released “Rebirth”, that also got amazing critics (99% on metal archives). A few line-up changes and we are back with our third CD: “The Trinity Threshold”. Hands-down our best record so far. So… do the math! Haha.

As for the name, that was all so long ago that it is almost impossible to recall. Haha. The name has a non-aligned statement to it. Which in the early 1990´s, in Portugal, was a pretty strong and bold gesture. Since thrash was probably the main influence back then we started doing it too. Only a bit later, after some maturing, the structures became more complex and prog. orientated. But everything has just flowed naturally. So we keep on exploring.

  • “The Trinity Threshold” album was released on November 2017. How does that make you feel? Do you feel you have put album into masses without any wishes to change something now?

We feel this is easily our best record so far. It is still very prog., but a bit more direct and listener friendly than the past 2 CDs. Being structurally less complicated than “Vast” and “Rebirth” makes it stronger and heavier. There is still a lot going on (various layers of riffs, epic keyboards, tons of different sounding voices and ever changing drum tempos), but all packed in a more melodic fashion. In any case, music is an art. And art is never a finished and perfect process. Any time a writer or a painter reads his book or looks at his canvas he will wish he changed something. The same with us. We are very happy with the final product but would always adjust one detail or another.

  • Tell me more about “The Trinity Threshold”? Album ideas etc…

 All lyrics are based on a concrete historical moment, event or person. Time span between them is rather large, from the I Century (“Dreaming IV” and “Glossolalia”, for example), to medieval times (“Pi Alpha Centurian” and “The Moon, The Eagle and the Golden Apple”), until our age (“The Antropôs”). So, the dust and land on the cover symbolize the burden of all those centuries. On the other hand, we have some lyrics that besides a historical context also have a touch of hope included in them – namely “Hermitic Hours” and especially “Portico” (the fittingly closing track of the album). Hence the life and green also present in the artwork. The soil and burden of centuries, with the green and hope of an enigmatic plant. The CD title picks up on these issues, but mostly brings forth the importance of the stage that our band went through to get here. The “threshold” was the frontier we had to cross (the leaving of former members) to get to our third record.

  • Where do you take all inspiration from?

Our inspiration comes from many places. From other great bands, from friends, from books, from our daily challenges. From life in general. Musically, we have very different influences. From Dead Can Dance to Nile. Each one of us enjoys a lot of different bands. Which is great because we always end up checking out loads of different stuff.

  • In your opinion, what is the best way to define DISAFFECTED’s sound?

 A Death Prog. band. But that is just a label to help set things apart. Anyone can have a different view. In the past people have commented on Disaffected having an industrial touch, for example. We don´t really see why, but that is fine with us. Just check it out and decide for yourself.

  • So, are you on hiatus now, just relaxed and looking for album feedbacks, or did you started to compose new stuff immediately?

We will try and promote this record as much as possible. Play the major festivals in Portugal and probably a few gigs outside our country. After that we will get back to the rehearsal room and compose another album.

  • What are your main musical influences? How huge is their influence in your sound?

 As we mentioned, we have very different musical influences. Almost anything goes. From jazz, to opera. From tribal, to metal. We will all listen to a bit of everything. In metal, we also have different tastes. Filipa, for example, will be more into the latter black wave, like Shinning. Gião, on the other hand, will be more into the prog wizards, like Animals as Leaders, for instance.

  • Is there some well-known musician in particular that you would like to use in one of your upcoming albums?

Not really. To be honest. We look up to a lot of great musicians, but never thought about any sort of collaboration or use of material. We have plenty of ideas and stuff of our own. If we did, we would not sound like Disaffected anymore. We would sound like that well-known musician.

  • What is your personal strategy for making your music heard by a larger audience?

Online music sharing is an amazing tool that we now take for granted. Having lived and played in the 1990´s we still remember how hard it was to put our stuff out there. So we think it is a great way to help promote a band. However, when things are free people tend to not give it the value it deserves. And rehearsing, composing, recording, etc. takes much effort. That is why we appreciate music sharing (as a way of promotion) but do not give away our hard worked songs. You can listen to the tracks on youtube, FB or Bandcamp, but we will not give them to you. A middle way solution.

  • Do you have any other hobby beside music?

Yes. The usual stuff. Reading, going to the movies, travelling. Oh. And Filipa likes to roller-skate! But music will always be our top hobby!

  • Are you all supported by your relatives towards your devotion to music?

Yes, our families are very supportive and understanding regarding our music and our band. Sometimes it is a hard balance, but we have been able to manage it. The good part is that music is very important for the balance of the obligations. Without rehearsals, gigs, etc. the jobs, mates and children would be harder to deal with!

  • How’s the metal scene in Portugal right now? Is it easy to play gigs, to buy records etc there these days?

Metal music in Portugal is not as strong as in the 1990´s. Much less people go to concerts our buy CD´s. But then, there are so many good bands out here that it is amazing. An that is undoubtedly a sign of great strength and progress. So, mixed feelings on this one.

  • Thank you for answering my questions, see ya on the road!

Thank you for your interview. Keep up the great work! It is thanks to your effort and time that metal keeps on going. So, stay strong!