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January 26, 2020

IGOR CAVALERA On CAVALERA CONSPIRACY's 'Psychosis': It Really Reflects State Of Mind MAX And I Are In

On November 21, Mass Movement Magazine conducted an interview with former SEPULTURA and current CAVALERA CONSPIRACY drummer Igor Cavalera. You can now listen to the chat using the SoundCloud widget below.

Speaking about CAVALERA CONSPIRACY‘s fourth album, “Psychosis”, which was released on November 17 via Napalm Records, Igor said: “Like every CAVALERA record, in my opinion, it really reflects the state of mind that me and Max [Igor‘s brother and CAVALERA CONSPIRACY frontman] are in. And this album is not different. When we were writing the album, when we were recording, that’s exactly what we wanted CAVALERA to sound like. So it’s really cool. We’re really happy with how it came out. I think a big part of it is also to do with the producer, Arthur Rizk, which is a good friend and someone that really pushed me and Max to really try new things on this record as far as just the arrangements of the songs and things that sometimes we would be a bit too much of a comfort zone [for us]… Somehow he attracted me and Max through two different projects that he did, and I think that’s where me and Max completely agreed that he had to be the guy to do it, because me on the experimental side of it and Max in the rawness of the metal stuff that he likes to hear. So I think, in that sense, it was great to have someone like Arthur working with us.”

Igor also talked about the CAVALERA CONSPIRACY songwriting process, explaining: “That’s something that me and Max always work together. Of course, there is the drum beats, there is where I come in with different ideas for a certain way, but the structure of the song, we discuss that a lot until we come to a common sense where we both agree on certain things and then the length of certain parts — all those things need to a back-and-forth conversation between me and Max, and then at the end, we nail it and that’s it. And then we’re done with it. Once we record it, we don’t wanna go back and redo anything.”

“Psychosis” was mastered by Joel Grind from TOXIC HOLOCAUST and features a guest appearance by Justin Broadrick from GODFLESH on the track “Hellfire”. Max stated about the song “It’s about drones. It was inspired by a movie called ‘Eye In The Sky’ and a movie called ‘Good Kill’, which is about drones and how people just sit in an air-conditioned office in Nevada and bomb people in Afghanistan and Pakistan with those crazy drones. It was a really cool song built around that, and I really love Justin‘s vocals. He sings more in the line of the ‘Streetcleaner’ vocals from the early GODFLESH, so that came out really nice.”

Another song on the album, “Insane” was written “about the state of the world, with Donald Trump and the bombings in England and France,” according to Max.

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