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January 20, 2019

ANTHRAX To Reissue JOHN BUSH-Era Albums 'We've Come For You All' And 'The Greater Of Two Evils'

ANTHRAX‘s “We’ve Come For You All” and “The Greater Of Two Evils” albums will be reissued on December 22 via Nuclear Blast.

The two LPs will be available for purchase via CD in one package, and also available via limited-edition gatefold vinyl as separate pieces.

“We’ve Come For You All” was originally released in 2003 and was ANTHRAX‘s ninth studio album. It was the last studio LP featuring vocalist John Bush and the first to feature Rob Caggiano on lead guitar. Produced by Rob Caggiano, it’s a heavy and dynamic record that speaks to die-hard metal fans as much as rock and alternative audiences. THE WHO vocalist Roger Daltrey and PANTERA guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott made guest appearances on the album. The cover art was designed by comic book artist Alex Ross.

“The Greater Of Two Evils” is a compilation record originally released in 2004. The album is made up of fourteen songs from the early era of ANTHRAX that were first released between 1984 and 1990, originally sung by Neil Turbin and Joey Belladonna. The tracks were re-recorded with John Bush on vocals. The tracks were originally selected via a fan vote which was held on the ANTHRAX web site — the band received thousands of votes from all around the world. The artwork for “The Greater Of Two Evils” was created by the infamous Shepard Fairey.

2CD package

CD1 – “We’ve Come For You All”

01. Contact
02. What Doesn’t Die
03. Superhero
04. Refuse To Be Denied
Safe Home
06. Any Place But Here
07. Nobody Knows Anything
08. Strap It On
09. Black Dahlia
10. Cadillac Rock Box
11. Taking The Music Back
12. Crash
13. Think About An End
14. We’ve Come For You All
15. Safe Home (Acoustic Version)
16. We’re A Happy Family (Acoustic Version)

CD 2 – “The Greater Of Two Evils”

01. Deathrider
02. Metal Thrashing Mad
03. Caught In A Mosh
04. A.I.R.
05. Among The Living
06. Keep It In The Family
07. Indians
08. Madhouse
09. Panic
10. I Am The Law
11. Belly Of The Beast
12. N.F.L. (Nice Fucking Life – Efilgnikcufecin)
13. Be All End All
14. Gung Ho

“We’ve Come For You All”

Limited-Edition Gatefold Double Vinyl

Side A

01. Contact
02. What Doesn’t Die
03. Superhero
04. Refuse To Be Denied

Side B

01. Safe Home
02. Any Place But Here
03. Nobody Knows Anything

Side C

01. Strap It On
02. Black Dahlia
03. Cadillac Rock Box
04. Taking The Music Back

Side D

01. Crash
02. Think About An End
03. We’ve Come For You All
04. Safe Home (Acoustic Version)
05. We’re A Happy Family (Acoustic Version)

“The Greater Of Two Evils”

Side A

01. Deathrider
02. Metal Thrashing Mad
03. Caught In A Mosh
04. A.I.R.
05. Among The Living

Side B

01. Keep It In The Family
02. Indians
03. Madhouse
04. Panic

Side C

01. I Am The Law
02. Belly Of The Beast
03. N.F.L. (Nice Fucking Life – Efilgnikcufecin)
04. Be All End All

Side D

01. Gung Ho
02. Anthrax
03. Lone Justice
04. In My World

Bush fronted ANTHRAX between 1992 and 2005 but was sidelined when ANTHRAX reunited with Joey Belladonna for a twentieth-anniversary tour. When that collapsed, and relationships disintegrated with next frontman Dan Nelson, Bush returned for a time before Belladonna took the job back in 2010.

Bush temporarily rejoined ANTHRAX for a number of shows in late 2009 and early 2010 but stepped aside in May 2010 in order to make room for the permanent return of Belladonna.

Although Joey did perform the John Bush-era song “Only” live with ANTHRAX on a couple of occasions, the track has since been dropped from the band’s set. “We’ve got enough songs [that were originally recorded with me on vocals],” Joey explained in a 2016 interview. “We’ve got enough material; I don’t need to go back. I’d just as soon leave that alone. I mean, once in a while I get people complaining, and then after a while, it got really old too. I hate that whole thing, ’cause we’re not even the same… We happened to be in the same band, but it’s a completely different thing.”

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