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November 13, 2018

METALLICA: ESP Introduces Limited-Edition ESP And LTD Kirk Hammett KH Ouija Natural Guitars

ESP has introduced the KH Ouija Natural, a new limited-edition guitar in the Kirk Hammett signature series. Only 25 of the ESP version and 666 of the LTD version are being made available worldwide.

It was around 1990 that the METALLICA guitarist first approached ESP with the idea of a guitar that made use of graphic elements from Hasbro‘s classic Ouija mystical board game. Back then, before the age of digital cameras and Internet communication, creating a guitar like this took some ingenuity. ESP got a Ouija board and used a combination of a copy machine and a pair of scissors to properly position the art elements on the guitar’s body. ESP faxed the result to the ESP Custom Shop in Japan, and the rest is history: the Ouija guitar became one of the most well-known and coveted signature models in ESP history.

The first version of the guitar was a one-off custom model for Kirk‘s use only. It wasn’t until 2010 that ESP negotiated the rights to sell the Ouija guitar to the public. Recently, ESP came across a collection of beautiful Ouija boards that were handcrafted from wood, and it inspired the company to try a new version of the Ouija guitar with a quilted maple top. ESP had a prototype made and sent to it Kirk, who loved it.

With the new ESP Kirk Hammett Ouija Natural (25 pieces available worldwide) and the LTD KH Ouija Natural (666 pieces available worldwide), ESP now offers the Ouija guitar once again. It is another limited-edition model, and a guitar with the level of desirability and rarity to make it an instant collector’s item.

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