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January 24, 2019

Interview I, FORLORN

Hi! Give a brief history of I, FORLORN, music style, and the members.

Hello! I, Forlorn started last winter after always wanting to try out the doom metal genre.
Been a huge fan of the more melodic doom style and I thought I’d try my personal spin on it.
As far as members go, It’s just me.

Give in more detail, some information about your upcoming album “My Kingdom Eclipsed”?

The upcoming album is a concept album that tells the tragic story of some personal events that have occured.
It’s 8 tracks long that all intertwine but have their own distinct theme and atmosphere.

I, FORLORN has signed with no label, tell more about that? Do you want to be just completely independent band or it’s not time yet?

I haven’t had any interest as of yet, but I would definitely look into it after this release.

What inspires I, FORLORN music and lyric writing? What does I, FORLORN lyrics talk about?

I don’t want to give too much away and i’d love for people to have their own interpretation but as mentioned,
It’s a very personal story, the album has a way of describing the stages of grief.

Do you play live often? Do you like abroad gigs?

I do not, I don’t have live members but I’d like to at some point!

How often does the band practice and work on new material?

I started working on new material already but not as actively as I’d want to, But it’s getting there.

How did the band come up with the name I, FORLORN and tell what does it means for you?

I came up with the name cause i wanted to describe what i was going through and “lost” was the only word that could get close to describing it. But that’s a bit of a common name so I went with this slight variation.

What does the band plan on doing in near time?

Promoting, writing the next album and I’m really looking forward to the response mostly. So quite excited about that for now.

Any message to Sick and Destroy readers?

Thank you for reading this and I hope you’ll enjoy the debut album, it’s a heartfelt effort and i appreciate you listening to it!