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October 23, 2019

Interview Akerbeltz

Hi, Akerbeltz. Your latest album ‘Satanic’ has been released last month. You must be excited?

Yes, it’s always exciting to release a record…

First of all, we would like to know about the formation of the band. When and how was it formed? Do you think the band name ‘Akerbeltz’ perfectly decribes your music and philosophy?

Akerbeltz is a worshiped numen from the Vasc country that appears in the form of a black goat sitting in a throne that can bring good luck but also can call the storms, the word Akelarre means “valley of the black goat” and of course the Christians went straight against this ancient cult and tried to extinguish it…
I feel identified with the cult to the black goat as it means the rebellion against a false god and its followers.

Okay now tell us something about ‘Satanic’, and the lyrical themes behind each track. What are the ideas you wanted to put across?

In “The red dragon” I describe some personal disturbances I use to go through and try to avoid, most of the times without exit.
“A deed without a name” is based in Mac Beth and the ancient European sorcery.
“Ye olde hag” is dedicated to some of my known female friends that act with the power of witchcraft with the permission of the devil.
“The crypt” is also based in the European medieval sorcery.
“Beyond the reflexions” is about parallel dimensions that can be perceived quite easily if we play attention.
“Witchery” was supposed to be an interlude between songs but in the end I decided to include it because it explains perfectly my principles.
“Ludum mortis” is about how Death plays with us and decides when to finish and how to display the game.
“Opus satanic” was supposed to be written in enochian but I could not get the help I needed from a very famous satanic church (mostly because they asked me to be a member and pay every month) so I decided to write it in catalan as nowadays it must be the language that inspires more hatred in the world!
“Chaos” is the perfect way to finish an album, it’s Hell.

Where and when did you record ‘Satanic’? Are you satisfied with it?

This album was recorded along the 2016 a.b. at my studio and mixed in the 2017 at the Moontower studio, for me it has been the best way to do it as I had control of all the tracks and could do corrections in the music as I was going through it, not as if I had recorded it in a professional studio as there’s always quite a stress because of the time and the situation and in the end you find some mistakes or parts that could have come out quite better…
I’m totally satisfied with it and from now on I will do my records this way.

Are you gonna to release some official band merch?

There’s already some merch on my official bandcamp (https://akerbeltz.bandcamp.com/music), you can find all my discography on it and you can also download my previous records with quality sound…

What are Akerbeltz’s musical and non-musical influences?

My musical influences are specially the old Bathory and Venom records, Blasphemy, Beherit and El Kaso Urkijo. I better not tell where I get my non-musical influences from…

Could you please express your personal views on religion and god?

The god is an invention from huge sects to scare simple people and turn them into slaves for mind control, it gets stupid people to do stupid rituals and things with the promise to get something in exchange… They are always against women and science as they question wisely their existence…They always try to go against the advance and perfection of humanity…Always against nature, freedom and all the things that are natural as getting drunk, get into fights and fucking…

I think that we would be much better if humanity was nearly exterminated and started to live in the ways of Satan and get our prime mission working, that is mostly taking care of nature over everything else and getting rid of the stupid and the useless…

Shall we expect some gigs across USA or Europe near time?

I have done a few gigs before but I’m not expecting to play live anymore as I don’t have a formation to perform in stage nor the time for preparing it, I liked a lot the reaction of people in Germany in the 2005 a.b. though…

When shall fans to expect something new from you? Videoclip, single, documentary etc?

I just finished the recording of Satànic and I’m already working on my next album, I already have the cover done and some parts, but it guess it will take quite a lot until I have something new to offer.

Thanks a lot for the interview. Speak out to your fans, supporters, critics and our readers before we wrap up!

Thanks for your support and horns up, you bloody maniacs!!!!