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August 23, 2019

Interview Hidden Lapse

Good day Hidden Lapse! How are you guys doing these days?

(Marco) Hey! Thanks a lot for your time, at first. 🙂 We’re fine, working hard on some exciting news!

First of all, please introduce your band and band members to our readers.

Sure! Marco here, main composer and guitarist, both In real life and in the metal world lol. Same goes for Romina, our bassist and “art manager”. Alessia is our lovely singer, involved in music and art therapy. Alessio, our new drummer, is actually a long friend I know since the nineties. We’re all good friends actually, a nice addition in this vale of tears of the italian interland xD

I’d like to know about the formation of the band. How did you guys meet and all. Also, is there any special story behind the band title?

We’re born as a studio duo with Romina around 2011. At the very beginning, we didn’t even think about having a singer. We just wanted to create some stuff and self-produce it. Curiously enough, most of what we came up with has been put aside when we had to stop (on and off actually) for personal matters and other project kickin in and then go back again to the “folder” 4 years later. At that point, we re-analyzed what we had and decided to translate it in a full fledged band. This is because “Redemption” actually planted its seeds in our minds pretty soon and it needed proper words and band interpretation to shine.

We immediately thought to Alessia, especially because we had the charming voice I wanted to lay above my not-so-female-fronted metal. XD And that’s the key of our sound: playing in between a dark, melalncholic power and modern metal, without overusing the “female-fronted-cliches” (we obviously respect  them as listeners, tho).

From there, “Redemption” saw the light in like 4 actual months of works.

“Hidden Lapse” is the very first name we came up with while jamming with Romina. It’s something that evolves around the concept of quick moments happening, unseen. They may matter or not, you may find them interesting or not, but in the end they change lives anyway, in an everending butterfly effect. And you’ll hear again about “butterflies” from us… but I digress. Spoiler area here ahahahah.

I expect a long reply for this one. Can you please tell us about the concept and lyrical themes of all your previous releases? Is there any special reason for choosing your music conception?

“Redemption” is actually our first album as a band. We all had obviously various degrees of experience in underground-local music. I’ve always been into the concept album thing. “Redemption” is just the first step in what we hope we’ll be a long walk. As we stated in our pages, we feel like a “concept band”. We like to tell stories and we love the idea of having recurring dreams and nightmares, with characters that (why not?) may even meet one day… 😉

The base idea is to tell about dreamy tales with dark twists. We likes stories in between fiction and everyday struggle. “Redemption” is a tough one: we wanted to talk about sins, death sentence, drug abuse and general lack of empathy of the modern age. We did thorugh the story of this young namless womand and her son. Their relationship is the key: powerful feelings distorted by their life in the “ghetto”. She tries to do something to soften his soul and push him out the life she was forced to live, but it ends up in a huge failure. The climax (actually spoiled at the very beginning in “Silence Sacrifice”) is a murder. A murder she’s arrested and condemned for, even if it’s pretty clear that she actually did it to protect her son.

After that, we have an inner travel in their past: we talk about her love/hate intimate war, we talk about the deviate and harsh judgements of society. In the end she get death sentenced and it’s not clear if she’s actually dreaming on it or if, at the door of hell (or heaven?), she becomes aware of her mistakes and suddenly twists her own beliefs saying “I wouldn’t save you again”.

You may think it’s more like a movie thing, or I can tell you that this is not different from something I actually read of. There’s no “a right way” to interprete our stories. Just listen and make your choice. As above, we want to tell stories, where notes and words flow, one after another.

There will be more concepts, you can bet on it. 🙂 Everything I did in the past was concept oriented. In my previous band we used fictionary characters from books and movies to talk about “mortal” feelings, love, hate. Hidden Lapse is the extreme evolution of that seed: believable dreamy tales. 🙂

A bit convulted sorry, but it was like typing on a diary. 🙂

How do you guys manage to create music at all? What challenges do you face while writing and recording an album?

Everyone is good at something. Everyone has a strong idea and when not, the band kicks in. Our modus operandi is easy: I compose and create a “ready to go” song, pre-produce it and send it to my mates. They listen to it, interprete it and try to play it, letting it evolve through rehearsals or small arrangement sessions (maybe Romina comes up with an interesting bass harmony and we meet to work on it). Same goes for Alessio, as it went for our previous drummer Luca.

Aessia and I work together on the vocals. She’s very intense and generates ideas while we work on the song. She has an extraordinary instinct for piercing vocals lines. I mostly take care of adjusting stuff here and there and write the actual lyrics. Most of us have busy lives and it would be impossible doing it different. It works, it is actually pretty fast so we stick with it. 🙂

It is a very fast and furious approach in the end: they have a full fledged, pre-produced “mood” with no bass, very basic drums and no vocals: just build on top of it. All of ‘em have great personalities and ideas I would never come up with alone. Alessio even managed to change some of the “Redemption” drum parts too. It’s like giving a general lead and let everyone shine for what he/she’s best at. 🙂

Recording “Redemption” was a pain and still an awesome experience. It has been recorded and mixed in our bedrooms, basically, all digital (line6 Pods mostly). The drums have been played by the former drummer through midi. We wanted to create our little monster at home, that was a personal achievement for us… it didn’t came without flaws or troubles, obviously. But that’s part of the deal I guess.

Then we “released” it for 1 hour (literally) in March the 8th, sent some emails and Rockshots came out of the blue. We had some other proposals, but we decided to go with Rockshots. We trust Rockshots Music and the journey has just begun. To be honest, the actual masteri of “Redemption” has been achieved at Evolution Lab by Max Flak (Sound Storm).

Your latest album ‘Redemption’ was released last month. How was the experience working on the studio? Any funny or even sad happenings during the studio work?

As above, our studio was our “bedrooms” and it was obviously tons of fun. 🙂 We spent days and nights trying to figure out settings, choosing the right sound, fighting against technology… We lost hours of sessions due to… what the hell was that? Don’t know. One time we all applauded an awesome performance of Alessia on (if I recall correctly) Compassion, while I managed to notice that I wasn’t recording it. “Nice Alessia, now let’s record it”. Huge lulz for me and Romina. I’m pretty sure Alessia did not laugh.
Same happened to me, twice. It was a nightmare. One of ‘em, I believe in Silent Sacrifice, after playing almost half of the song with no mistakes. That was perfect, I won’t be able to play it like that ever again. Never. I didn’t hit “rec”. S++t happens when you’re there alone, after hours of hard work, eyes bleeding. But that’s part of the fun too.

We learnt many tricks and how to self-produce… and, at the same time, we learnt how important may be having some form of help, would it be an external “hearing” or gallons of beer at hand in the middle of the night.

You guys are still underground/underrated, although your music has been appreciated by the critics worldwide. What, according to you, is the reason behind it?

I guess (and hope) it’s a matter of time. Even if there are obviously flaws, we believe this album has its style and powerful mood. We really enjoy playing it, it’s full of twists and turns, all under the banner of melody. I really hope more people will catch up and appreciate all the blood we shed on it ahahah.

There are many bands around too, so it’s not easy to climb the mountain on the get go.

One of the main reasons (musically wise) is that even if we are a female -fronted band, we work hard not to be the “usual” female fronted band. Some may expect symphonic exploits (which may or may not come), but we try to work on this “high contrast mood” and (maybe) this apparent incoherence is what makes “Redemption” a bit more difficult to handle. But Rockshots believe in us and we obviously do it too. This is the road we’ve taken and we’ll stick to.

Can you throw some light on your past as musicians?

All of us have played in local bands since the 90s. Me and Alessio played in rock-metal bands for years. We come from the power-prog school, even If I moved a bit through the alt-rock field here and there before returning to be the beefy and snob-ish metalhead headbanging to Amon Amarth ahahah.

Romina comes straight from the dark-prog, son of the 70s and played in different bands. The most recent experience Romina had was with Alessia in a Guano Apes cover band, which was great I should add. 🙂

We all made good things: Alessio managed to get a serious deal with its former metal band in the early 2000, we managed to win some contests with our bands, but everything ended up staying in the underground.

We all studied music, in different ways and periods. I started with piano when I was 8, Romina and Alessia started as guitarists. Alessio is a hard drummer at heart ahahah. Ironically, when he was real young, I played a bit with him in a Savatage cover band.

Life is weird, this is the first time we actually play on the same band “for real” and that’s fun and incredibly rewarding from a personal standpoint.

Tell us about your favorite bands, from whom you gain inspiration. Are you having any favorite artist/band that has emerged from metal/rock soil?

Oh well, this may take years lol

We all tend to listen to many different things: we all like stuff in between pop and brutal-ish metal. We all grew up in the 90s/2000s and got the best and the worst of it, from the power metal bloat to the grunge scene, passing through american rock and prog (let’s quote Alter Bridge, Creed, Staind, Tool). We like neo-classical and cinematic stuff like Einaudi or Hans Zimmer as well as the dark legacy of northern metal (Amon Amarth, Emperor). We really try to get inspiration from and listen to every single artist we had the chance and honor to discover.

As personal, direct inspiration I can say: Alessio and I live into the power-prog metal scene, from the epic Blind Guardian to the more proggy Seventh Wonder or Symphony X to the more violent Neveromre. I love some alt stuff like Jillian Banks as well as extreme power metal like Dragonforce.  Romina comes from obscure music which is the natural evolution of the 70s prog-rock like Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson himself, Opeth and Tool. Alessia is opened to many things, from female-driven projects like Nightwish, Evanescence or Delain to pop-oriented music like Damien Rice or Elisa.

As we wrote and suggested, our main instinctive inspiration comes from Delain, Evergrey and Kamelot, the dark and melancholic side of the metal scene we like the most as a whole. Melodic, a bit grim.

How is the metal scene going in your country?

Paradox here. We have a huge metal tradition, especially in the power-prog area (Secret Sphere, DGM, Trick or Treat). We have some extreme diamonds like Necrodeath too. The truth is that none of us can ever have a chance to really shine in Italy. We have some clubs and zines pushing it hard, but we lost many festivals and working with this genre is hard. Sad to say, but outside some good exceptions, we need to look “over the hills and far away”. Thank god we have a great label working hard on both sides of the mountains ehehe.

Tell us, if you have played abroad.

Not yet, but who knows? 😉

Are you working on any music videos, might it be videoclip or lyric video?

We released our first lyric video for Compassion before the actual release. We may release some other lyric video someday soon, but no particular plans about it.

Rapid fire section. Just for fun. So just chill, and just type the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear:

* Nightmare – Freddy
* Rockshots –
* Jimmy –
Page (that was auto-hit ahahah)
* Drugs –
don’t work
* Dreams –
come true

Thanks a lot for your time! It’s really nice to know more about you. Would you like to say anything to your fans and our readers?

I thank you for the time and patience, mate!

To our listeners, your readers and (hopefully) fans, I’d like to spoil that we’re already writing new stuff, the lapse-machine never stops! We’re focusing on “Redemption” promotion right now though and we should be able to rock on stage soon, at least in Italy, in the upcoming months. So stay tuned, leave us a follow/like around and, if you wish, support our work! Thanks to everyone who already did and still hangs there: hope to meet you soon!

Stay Lapse.