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December 13, 2018

Interview VESCERA

Hi Frank! Give a brief history of VESCERA, music style, and the members.
The band was born one year ago, I conctacted Michael through the Obsession site, we play classic Heavy metal and the members are: Michael Vescera: Vocals, Mike Petrone: Guitar, Frank Leone: Bass, Gianni Lorenzini: Drums.

Give in more detail, some information about your lastest album ‘Beyond The Fight’ and how well it sells so far?
I think it’s a fresh old skool album, It’s aggressive and melodic at the same time, the sells are very good and we’re satisfied at the moment but, I said at the moment, we’re already in studio for a new Ep with 6 tracks,never satisfied at all…

VESCERA has signed with Pure Steel records, tell more about that?
They’re good guys, the label grows and we have a special place inside Pure Steel Records, they love the band and we love the label.

What is the difference between your latest and the very first records?
This is my first album with Michael Vescera solo band and so, I’m not the right person for this question.

What inspires VESCERA music and lyric writing? What does VESCERA lyrics talk about?
We are inspired by everything but most of all the classic Metal cliche like in Dynamite, Blackout in paradise, In the night, Looking for trouble etc etc…

Do you play live often? Do you like abroad gigs?
We have played our first tour in Spain one month ago and we’ll return soon for a full european tour ,of course we like to play abroad.

How often does the band practice and work on new material?
Every day, and often every night.

How did the band come up with the name VESCERA and tell what does it means for you?
VESCERA means Michael Vescera solo band, ex Yngwie Malmsteen, Loudness, Roland Grapow (Helloween), Obsession, AniMetal USA and Dr Sin.

What does the band plan on doing in near time?
A new album EP in Vinyl and a new tour soon.

Any message to Sick and Destroy readers?
Yes! THANK YOU VERY MUCH Sick and Destroy and Keep the faith alive! The Gods of heavy Metal are with you guys.