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September 17, 2019

Interview ALTHEA

Hi! Give a brief history of Althea, music style, and the members.

Hi, and thanks for inviting us! The current Line up of Althea formed at the end of 2010. The band actually formed some years before, and we played under different names and explored different genres (from trash, to power metal, to prog metal, etc). Althea has always been kind of a family. We like to look it in this way – many musicians played in different bands, different genres, etc. in their life. Everything we did, we did together, we grew together and also our musical tastes developed together.

Give in more detail, some information about your album ‘Memories Have No Name’ and how well does it sells?

Memories Have No name is a concept album and you can consider it as a progressive rock album, if you think at progressive rock in terms of free-of-scheme music. Spacing from Progressive rock/metal to more experimental and reflective sections, “Memories Have No Name” is a journey into the most intimate inner self. There are many genres explored in the album, all driven by the lyrics and the concept. We have not received any sales report yet, but in terms of fans response and reviews, it seems it is doing pretty well.

Althea has signed with Sliptrick records, tell more about that?

After recording Memories Have No Name, we knew we had a good record to promote. That said, it was very hard to get labels attention. To be honest, we understand that labels now do have a lot of material to listen from many band and sometimes they cannot pay attention to everyone. We had some offers, but lately we found in Carlo from Sliptrick a quick and determined person and we decided to join their roster.

What is the difference between your latest and the very first records?

Well, Memories Have No Name is by all means our first full length album. It’s a structured and well thought album. Our latest work was an EP and was easier and more immediate. Being a concept album, the music was written having in mind the story/topic we wanted to explore, therefore the music is adapted to the lyrics. There are a lot different genres and sections in the album – when we wrote it, we didn’t want to limit ourselves. We do think that this album is really personal and in a way “unique” – either you like it or hate it, there’s no mid way! Luckily, responses have been awesome so far!

What inspires Althea music and lyric writing? What does Althea lyrics talk about?

This is always an interesting question and we’re afraid our answer could be dramatically different every other day! In terms of music our influences are the broadest you could think of. In terms of lyrics, we focus a lot on social aspect, emotions, feelings and the impact of modern society on relationships. We are anyway. Creating music is always a way to give back what we get from our lives and experiences and you can’t know exactly when this will happen… it simply happens. We may have a melody or even few lyrics in mind for months but then suddenly it becomes a song right after the right experience or feeling.

Do you play live often? Do you like abroad gigs?

We try to play as much as possible. The writing and recording of MHNN took a bit of time, therefore we only focused on the album. We have some live gigs planned and more will be schedule. If responses keep being this good, we will definitely play some gigs abroad as well.

How often does the band practice and work on new material?

We have quite tight schedule. This is very important in order to create the alchemy you need in a band. Much of the writing happens in our home studio, and we can say this is pretty much a daily thing.

Thanks to new technologies we can easily share ideas anytime anywhere between us but we consolidate ideas together.

How did the band come up with the name Althea and tell what does it means for you?

Actually the choice of Althea was a bit random. We didn’t know how to name the band and we picked up the English dictionary. The first word we all liked was Althea – so we chose it. Only later we realized Althea is a Greek minor Goddess. For us, Althea is a second family, and it’s the place where we can freely express our musical views, as free and without schemes as you would do in your own family.

What does the band plan on doing in near time?

We have a couple of live shows already set to promote MHNN. More will come soon. In the meantime we are working on new ideas for new songs. We have a lot of stuff and probably we will start focusing on that in the next few months, but for now we will keep promoting MHNN.

Any message to Sick and Destroy readers?

Have a listen to the album, take the time to live the journey. This is not the most immediate album ever, probably, but we hope you could enjoy it at least as much as we enjoyed making it. Also, come to our live shows and connect with us on you facebook page (facebook.com/AltheaBandOfficial)!