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November 14, 2018

Siniestro – ‘Revelations In Mayhem’ review

Stockholm, Sweden, 2012, three haired metalhead decided to create new band; did it; so was born mighty moster called SINIESTRO! Musicians are also participate in some other bands, but they are completely anonymous for me so I can’t say how much they are skilled, but we won’t speak about other bands but about Siniestro only!

So, Swedish metal scene did never disappointed me, might it be black or thrash or of course death metal. And Siniestro is one of those killer bands out of Sweden.

Eight tracks of hellish pressure, thrashing madness, black metal darkness and punk’s fuck off attitude. Each song on this album sounds just killer, fucking catching and extremely straight forward. But what do you want? Siniestro plays thrash metal, sometimes with black metal tunes but the core is only one – fucking killer. Songs structure is top-notch, with really smashing-your-head and destroying-your-mind massiv, catching rhythm-section, blasting drumming and bass-guitar lines. Guitars were made by shredding way, such tearing your ears one, with enough amount of tempo-changes, thresholds… Thrash metal is not only direction of Siniestro, for example, the song called ‘EU-topia’ have some black and even death metal tunes (a killer ones btw!); and the song ‘Vinden Som Piskar Ditt Ensamma Lik’ have both classical heavy metal and extreme punk roots.

I bet you won’t be bored during the entire playing time but you’ll be just fucking impressed! I totally recommend Siniestro to all the die hard thrash metal fans all around the world!

Written by Audrew.